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OpenLedger DEX_OpenLedger DEX Exchange

OpenLedger DEX_OpenLedger DEX Exchange

OpenLedger DEXOpenLedger DEX exchangeOpenLedger DEX APP downloadOpenLedger DEX official website

OpenLedger DEX

OpenLedger DEX established: 2015-08

OpenLedger DEX registration area: Denmark

OpenLedger is a platform jointly launched by CCEDK and Cryptonomex. Cryptonomex is a blockchain application development company founded by the core developers of BitShares 2.0. The partnership between the two allows OpenLedger users to directly access the BitShares 2.0 network.

The integration of OpenLedger and the BitShares network can further enhance monetization and improve the connection between financial products and platforms, thus empowering OpenLedger to break through the barriers of digital currency to enter the mainstream market.

OpenSea launched the beta version of StreamAPI, allowing developers to obtain data such as price fluctuations: Golden Financial News, OpenSea launched the beta version of StreamAPI, a new websocket-based service that allows developers to obtain price fluctuations, listings, bids through the API and ownership changes. This API allows users to receive notifications when data changes without manually refreshing them. [2022/5/6 2:53:40]

OpenLedger, billed as "probably the world's most powerful" decentralized finance platform, will offer a range of new tools that have the potential to revolutionize the industry.

The total transaction volume of OpenSea in the NFT market broke through 2 billion US dollars and hit a record high: According to the latest data on August 17, the total transaction volume of the NFT market OpenSea has broken down 2 billion US dollars, a record high, and it was 2.219 billion US dollars at the time of writing , ranking first in the NFT market by transaction volume, with 240,941 traders. Ranked second is Axie Infinity, with a current transaction volume of $1.372 billion and a number of traders of 403,574; third is CryptoPunks, with a transaction volume of $703.568 million and a number of traders of 4,232. Since August, the transaction volume of OpenSea has grown rapidly, and the transaction volume of the month exceeded 800 million US dollars, exceeding the sum of the previous two months. In July this year, OpenSea also received US$100 million in financing led by a16z, and the company's valuation reached US$1.5 billion, making it one of the "encrypted unicorn clubs." [2021/8/17 22:18:27]

With latency and throughput similar to Nasdaq, OpenLedger aims to address the barriers to widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. “OpenLedger was designed to address the issues of speed, stability, security, and transparency that are still hampering and preventing cryptocurrencies from taking off,” Boesing said. The key feature is the built-in anchor currency and assets, allowing funds to be stored and deployed without having to face the volatility of cryptocurrencies, and at the same time bringing low fees achieved by decentralized solutions, so that Better returns and lower risk.

Ethereum client OpenEthereum released version 3.0: According to official news, the former Ethereum client Parity officially released the first version 3.0 after it was renamed OpenEthereum, and Gnosis became one of the maintainers and developers of the project. [2020/5/12]

Additionally, OpenLedger is not limited by the slow confirmation times and limited throughput of traditional blockchain technologies. “We can trade anywhere in the world in a peer-to-peer manner within seconds. We have the ability to make all existing international stations our members, so that their customers can enjoy all existing on a shared transparent ledger. The collective market depth of the international station."

Transparency and Accountability

Developed by blockchain technology specialists Cryptonomex, the project takes the "best of both worlds" approach. Users retain control of their private keys, so they can transact and keep funds without third-party interference. The funds of the international station are transparently recorded on the blockchain, while users can maintain their privacy, and these funds can be audited by anyone at any time regarding solvency.

OpenLedger web wallet

Bersin introduced a series of features of the OpenLedger web wallet that cannot be provided by other wallets currently on the market.


1. Integrated block explorer

2. Multi-signature account

3. Access bitAssets (such as bitusd)

4. Direct access to the BitShares network

5. No middle man controls access channel

6. Recurring payments

7. Users issue assets (similar to colored coins)

8. Global Registry Identity (Blockchain Account Name)

Multiple Marketplace Integration

The Openledger web wallet provides users with an integrated block explorer that allows users to search-ethexc for Bitcoin addresses, blocks and transaction IDs directly on the platform. The wallet also employs multi-signature technology to ensure the security of business transactions and settlements.

It should be noted that Openledger relies heavily on the BitShares 2.0 platform and the Graphene Toolkit developed by Cryptonomex. Therefore, the performance of the Openledger platform depends on the performance of the Graphene Toolkit and the performance of the BitShares 2.0 platform.

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OpenLedger DEX
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