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Hubi_Hubi Exchange

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Hubi was established: 2018-06

Hubi Registration Area: Hong Kong, China

EIP-3675 proposal released on Github: News on July 23, yesterday, ConsenSys researcher Mikhail Kalinin created a pull request for EIP-3675 on Github, making the chain merge officially an improvement proposal for the first time. Developer Tim Beik also plans to discuss the EIP during the ethereum core developers meeting on July 23. (Cointelegraph)[2021/7/23 1:10:51]

Since its establishment in 2016, Hubi has successively deployed in mining pools and blockchain ecology in the form of large-scale operations. The alliance 3.0 model and the brand-new concept that everyone is a super node; and the three unique advantages of Hubi, platform + alliance + ecology, provide global users with a one-stop digital asset with lower threshold, better service and greater liquidity Trading service platform.

News| The Bitcoin Github community has 2,800 members: According to Bitcoinist news, according to the latest data from, the Bitcoin Github community has reached more than 2,800 members on January 24, and some people speculate that the actual number of members has exceeded 3,000 . [2020/1/25]

Hubi has independent trading business and operation centers in the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau and other countries and regions.

DasCoin released the block chain source code on GitHub: On April 17, DasCoin released the block chain source code on GitHub. DasCoin has the characteristics of fast speed, good scalability, and high efficiency. With the source code made public, all information in the Dascoin blockchain can be viewed. [2018/4/17]

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WoChain Capital announced 50,000 ETH strategic investment in blockchain star project Hubi trading platform

On June 23, 2020, WoChain Capital and the Hubi trading platform joined forces. Alan, a senior partner of WoChain Capital, officially signed a strategic investment agreement on behalf of WoChain Capital.

Hubi Exchange launched HTDF to upgrade the ecology of strong alliance

HUBI Exchange ( has launched HTDF, the only asset token of the HTDF Chain community representing public chain technology innovation HTDF will land on HUBI Exchange ( USDT partition on April 1.

Golden Outpost | One more place FCoin was criminally filed in Hunan

Fcoin was investigated again in one place. According to news from Bixin Block, on March 28, FCoin was confirmed to have been criminally filed in Hunan.FCoin investor, Mr. Liu from Huaihua, Hunan.

Beijing's "regulatory sandbox" will issue regulatory rules, and the application of "out of the box" must be operated by a licensed institution

After two months of soliciting opinions, the list of the first batch of applications entering Beijing's financial technology "regulatory sandbox" was officially released. On March 16.

Zhang Jian announced the cold and hot wallet addresses of some of the balance assets of FCoin.The estimated funds are 0.44 billion.

According to PANews news on February 29, Zhang Jian, the founder of Fcoin, issued an announcement saying that from now on.