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Federal establishment time: 2019-10

Federal Registration Area: Singapore

Digital asset management platform Safe launched SafeDAO, SAFE airdrop has started to apply: On September 28th, digital asset management platform Safe (formerly Gnosis Safe) officially launched SafeDAO and SAFE tokens. Safe token holders govern SafeDAO, which will govern the Safe protocol, interface, Safe token supply, and ecosystem growth. A total of about 190 million SAFE tokens will be airdropped (accounting for about 19% of the total), of which 17.9% will be allocated to over 43,000 users, 8.9% will be allocated to over 140 ecological contributors, and 28.6% will be allocated to strategic supporters , 35.7% will be allocated to core contributors, and 8.9% will be allocated to GnosisDAO. Users who are eligible to apply for the airdrop will be able to claim tokens from 17:00 on September 28 to 18:00 on December 27, Beijing time. Unclaimed SAFE tokens will be returned to the SafeDAO treasury. [2022/9/28 22:37:31]

Federal is an EOE transaction service platform with SS-level security protection, relying on the world's leading MetaQuotes MT5 system, and adopting the LLP limited partnership system. It aims to become a comprehensive service platform integrating digital asset application, issuance counseling, digital asset trading, and continuous supervision. It is the "NASDQA" in the era of blockchain technology and digital economy.

The algorithmic stablecoin project SafeDollar on Polygon is suspected of being hacked: According to news on June 28, the algorithmic stablecoin project SafeDollar on Polygon was suspected of being hacked. An unconfirmed contract seems to have withdrawn USDC and USDT of 250,000 US dollars . Currently, SDO trading has been temporarily suspended. The blockchain security team SharkTeam is conducting further analysis of the incident. [2021/6/28 0:11:17]

VOICE | Saifedean Ammous: Bitcoin price up 838 million% in past decade: Bitcoin economics teacher Saifedean Ammous tweeted, "10 years ago today, at Bitcoin's 1st In one market transaction, 5050 Bitcoins were sold for $5.02. Today, they are worth $42,171,792.50. An increase of 838,078,685%.” [2019/10/13]

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