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zebra_zebra wallet_zebra official website

zebra_zebra wallet_zebra official website

zebrazebra walletzebra official websitezebra APP download

Visually track transactions in the Stellar network.

Zebra wallet supports currencies: BTC, ETH

News | Zebpay restarts BCH access service: The cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay said on Twitter that it previously suspended the BCH access service on November 14 due to support for the BCH hard fork, and now restarts the service. [2018/12/21]

News | Faced with the ban, the Indian cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay still launches new currencies: Although still fighting against the ban of the Central Bank of India, Zebpay, India’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, has added new cryptocurrencies to its encrypted trading platform . The exchange currently supports 19 cryptocurrencies and over 35 trading pairs. [2018/7/1]

Saurabh Agarwal, co-founder of Indian Bitcoin exchange Zebpay: The number of new users on the exchange exceeds 200,000 per month: Saurabh Agarwal, co-founder of Zebpay, a well-known Indian Bitcoin exchange, said that the monthly number of new users of Indian digital currency exchanges exceeds 200,000, with an estimated transaction value of about 20 billion Indian rupees ($315 million), many customers are treating digital currencies like gold. [2018/1/20]

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Basic Information of Zcash Project Zcash is the first blockchain system to use zero-knowledge proof mechanism, which can provide complete payment confidentiality.

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