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MetaMask_MetaMask wallet_MetaMask official website

MetaMask_MetaMask wallet_MetaMask official website

MetaMaskMetaMask walletMetaMask official websiteMetaMask APP download

The Hong Kong startup community is also a platform to share success stories with overseas startups.

MetaMask wallet supports currencies: ETH, ETZ

Meta announced that it will lay off 11,000 people, about 13% of the team size: According to news on November 9, Zuckerberg of Meta told some executives of the company that Meta will begin layoffs on Wednesday morning. At present, Meta has announced the number of layoffs in this round, which is 11,000 people, which is about 13% of the Meta team size. [2022/11/9 12:38:50]

MetaMask is a plug-in Ethereum wallet used on the browser. The wallet does not need to be downloaded, but only needs to add the corresponding extension program in the browser. It is very lightweight and very convenient to use. Currently supports Google, 360, Firefox and other browsers.

U.S. regulators call for an investigation into Meta’s Novi digital wallet: On December 8, the U.S. Financial Reform and Demand Progressive Organization and the Open Markets Institute called on the U.S. Department of Justice and other regulators to investigate the Novi digital wallet launched by Meta (Facebook) , to see if Meta accepts deposits without a banking license approved by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. (Be in Crypto)[2021/12/8 12:58:45]

News | MetaMask is working on a solution to Ethereum transaction fees: Ethereum wallet MetaMask is working hard to develop a solution to Ethereum transaction fees. Ideally, the solution would allow DApps to pay these fees on behalf of users, which would enhance the user experience. MetaMask recently completed the Generalized MetaTransaction competition, aiming to find this solution. Currently, Ethereum users pay to send ETH through DApps or other services, which is required to reduce spam transactions in the network. In many cases, third parties may be willing to pay users transaction fees. This third-party transaction fee payment mode is called Meta-Transaction. The ideal solution for MetaMask should cover these costs on behalf of users using Meta-Transaction, which would provide a more affordable user experience. (FXStreet)[2020/1/31]

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