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TokenPocket_TokenPocket wallet_TokenPocket official website

TokenPocket_TokenPocket wallet_TokenPocket official website

TokenPocketTokenPocket walletTokenPocket official websiteTokenPocket APP download

Orrick LLP.

TokenPocket wallet supports currencies: BTC, BOS, ATOM, ENU, EOS, ETH, IOST, MOAC, TPT, TRX

The top 1000 Ethereum whales ranked among the top 10 Tokens that increased their positions in the past 24 hours, and APE jumped to fifth place: Jinse Finance reported that according to data, among the top 1000 Ethereum whales that increased their positions in the past 24 hours, among the top 10 Tokens, ETH Ranked second, APE jumped to fifth, and SAND, SHIB, and MATIC ranked seventh, eighth, and ninth respectively. [2022/4/20 14:36:06]

TokenPocket is a multi-chain digital wallet. Set a login password with one click to protect your user privacy, support fingerprint and face recognition, more convenient operation, and more secure data. The private key is stored locally, and important data is physically isolated. After three-layer algorithm processing, sensitive information will never be leaked.

The first BCH-based DeFi application, Detoken, is live: According to official news, Detoken has just announced that the first BCH-based DeFi application,, is now live. [2020/12/30 16:06:23]

TokenInsight released a research report HT valuation should be 6.28-6.94 US dollars: On June 3, TokenInsight released the "Exchange Platform Token Valuation Research Report | June 2020", which rated Huobi Exchange as A and Huobi Token (HT) is judged to be undervalued, and the valuation range should be 6.28-6.94 US dollars, pointing out that Huobi maintains a solid position in China and is actively expanding globally.

As mentioned in the report, Huobi will change its platform currency repurchase and destruction schedule from quarterly to monthly in 2020, thereby releasing information to the market in a more timely manner and improving the transparency of the HT repurchase and destruction plan. HT supporters provide confidence. Huobi has successfully advanced its market expansion plans in key global regions and maintained strong brand recognition in Greater China, adding diversification and revenue streams to the group. Huobi China's continued development with key stakeholders creates direct opportunities for Huobi Group as a whole, and indirectly affects Huobi Global's (exchange platform) revenue stream.

The modest success of its globalization strategy has provided Huobi with stable income and reasonable diversification benefits. Huobi’s delivery futures contracts are recognized by the market, especially in Greater China. The success of the isolated margin trading method has met the needs of the market, causing a large influx of users to the Huobi trading platform. Huobi grew at the industry average and maintained its market position in the digital asset exchange industry. [2020/6/4]

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This tutorial is only an operation guide for DApp on the TokenPocket wallet side, and does not represent TokenPocket's investment advice. Investment is risky.

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