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BFX Contract Platform_BFX Contract Platform Exchange

BFX Contract Platform_BFX Contract Platform Exchange

BFX contract platformBFX contract platform exchangeBFX contract platform APP downloadBFX contract platform official website

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BFX contract platform

BFX contract platform was established: 2014-09

BFX contract platform registration area: UK

BFX specialized blockchain asset contract international website ( is developed and operated by BitFuture Group Ltd (registered in BVI, company number 1941935). BFX is a digital asset perpetual trading contract platform independent of the trading target spot international station.

Foreign media: SBF’s $40 million sale of real estate is fake news: On November 20, it was reported that FTX founder SBF listed for sale his $40 million Bahamas penthouse luxury apartment. After verification, the relevant news is news. The related property sales link shared by crypto KO L Autism Capital, which first released the news, has expired. The Seaside Bahamas real estate agent associated with the property has not yet responded to a request for comment, but Alvan Rolle, a staff member of the company, denied any contact with FTX and said: We do not list SBF properties and have never done so. It got attention, but we didn't even know there was a SBF property listed. (FoxBusiness) [2022/11/20 22:09:31]

BFX is committed to improving the industry ecology of blockchain assets, providing the most professional blockchain asset contract transaction services for global blockchain asset enthusiasts, and creating the most fair, just and open blockchain asset contract international station, Let blockchain asset contract transactions no longer have malicious liquidation! BFX contract trading varieties include Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and other mainstream digital asset contracts, highly popular platform currency contracts such as FT, HT, OKB, BNB, and popular innovative currency contracts.

Musk once rejected SBF's participation in the acquisition of Twitter, and doubted whether it had $3 billion in liquidity: Jinse Finance reported that according to the text disclosed in Elon Musk's legal proceedings against the social media platform, SBF had wanted to "jointly Efforts" to acquire Twitter. Michael Grimes, head of Morgan Stanley's global technology investment banking business, told Musk that SBF is only willing to invest $5 billion. Musk replied, "Does SBF really have $3 billion in liquidity?" In addition, Elon Musk also said that blockchain A version of Twitter is impractical, and bandwidth and latency issues cannot be solved on a peer-to-peer network unless a node is "huge", but that runs counter to the vision of a decentralized network. The name of SBF did not appear in the subsequent list of investors. [2022/11/12 12:53:54]

WBF Exchange supports 1:1 conversion of BTCHT to BTCST: official news, in order to stimulate ecological development, BTCHT officially plans to support 1:1 conversion of BTCHT to BTCST. At present, WBF Exchange supports BTCHT 1:1 conversion to BTCST, and the corresponding research and development work is already in progress. At that time, users can convert BTCHT to BTCST on the official website. If BTCST has been split at 1:10 at that time, then BTCHT will also be split at 1:10, and the exchange will be opened after the split. The specific time is subject to the official announcement.

BTCHT was listed on the Nuggets section of the WBF Exchange in Singapore on March 1, with a maximum increase of 18,750% at the opening. [2021/3/3 18:09:59]

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BFX contract platform
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