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Search engine for OpenBazaar.

BlockBooth is a search-ethexc engine and browser for the decentralized e-commerce marketplace OpenBazaar, it does not sell any products, and does not make any revenue from selling or displaying any products. Indexes content-ethexc on the IPFS protocol and displays it in the HTTP protocol.

Blockstream released Blockstream Jade Bitcoin open source hardware wallet: According to official news, Blockstream released Blockstream Jade Bitcoin open source hardware wallet, which supports Bitcoin and all encrypted assets issued on the Liquid network, including L-BTC, Tether (USDt), L-CAD and JPYS (already supported by Ledger on Nano S), and any token issued by other Liquid users. Blockstream Jade’s Multisig Shield feature provides further security protection. In addition to signatures, users need to be verified by one of the 2FA methods (OTP, email or SMS) to complete the transaction. At present, the wallet has been sold in limited quantities in the Blockstream store, and will first support the Android version of Blockstream Green, and then the desktop version and iOS version will be launched successively. [2021/1/4 16:22:13]

News | Releases EOSJS Version Candidate 21.0.0-rc1: today announced the launch of EOSIO Tool EOSJS Version Candidate 21.0.0-rc1, which mainly includes the following updates: 1. Introduce WebAuthn to ensure the security of EOSIO applications sex. EOSIO is the first blockchain platform to support WebAuthn. 2. Add conversion function to easily switch between eosjs-ecc and elliptic cryptographic library; 3. No context operation support. The team expressed hope that the EOSIO developer community will actively test EOSJS21.0.0-rc1 to help improve the build as it develops the stable release. [2020/1/17]

News | The first trustless peer-to-peer bitcoin forward contract transaction was completed by Blockstream: According to bitcoinist, Blockstream announced that it has successfully conducted a "trustless" peer-to-peer (P2P) bitcoin forward contract with Crypto Garage. The two parties began trading on April 9, with each participant each declaring 0.16 BTC of collateral. The terms of the contract provided for settlement within one hour after midnight on April 16, and the parties signed the contract for $5,032. For Blockstream, the success of the transaction demonstrates the possibility of creating a platform for "trustless" BTC derivatives trading. [2019/4/20]


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