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The famous American technology magazine, see how technology affects the world.

Founded in 1993, "WIRED" magazine, a monthly technology magazine, has now proved that its more significant contribution lies in cultivating a large group of "technical factions". This magazine advocates wireless technology and digital and has persisted in this way for a long time. A cult favorite among hot-blooded youth, cultural critics have equated it with the Rolling Stone generation of the 1960s.

"WIRED" magazine focuses on reporting on the application of science and technology to all aspects of modern and future human life, and its impact on culture, economy and politics. The magazine belongs to the American Condé Nast Group.

In 1988, 37-year-old Louis Rossetto traveled from the Netherlands to San Francisco in search-ethexc of a possible way to publish a magazine. At this time, he has no experience, no guarantee, no credit, and no relationship. He has nothing but two beliefs: that digital culture is a revolution, and that a cool magazine should be created for this revolution. This person who is keen on erotic literature and even went to Rome to visit the filming location of the erotic blockbuster "Caligula" in his early years is like a lunatic.

The effective computing power of the entire MASS network has exceeded 1000P: According to the MASS browser, as of August 13, the effective computing power of the entire MASS network has reached 1019.57P, and the total amount of MASS coins burned is 11567191.94.

It is reported that MASS completed the hard fork on July 18, and Chia miners can realize "MASS+Chia" dual mining by burning MASS coins. Since then, the computing power of MASS's entire network has continued to grow. [2021/8/13 1:53:16]

Before 1993, the publishing of computer journals was monopolized by giant publishing groups such as Ziff-Davis, IDG, and CMP. At that time, computer publications, like natural science journals, were only responsible for conveying the latest developments in current computer science research. Deep and astringent, hideous. Luis Roseto and his wife, Jane Metcalfe, successfully brought Wired to the world in January 1993, with funding from several venture capitalists. In doing so, they created a whole new generation of computer publications, and they made tech fetishism fashionable.

Fed Evans: Still thinks the Fed will raise interest rates in 2024: Fed Evans said there should be no unnecessary rate hikes unless inflation is really above the appropriate level. On the issue of inflation, we have enough confidence that high inflation will be temporary. If inflation looks more persistent, then we may need to adjust our stance earlier. In addition, the Fed is still seen raising interest rates in 2024. [2021/7/16 0:55:43]

The only premise of the existence of "Connection" is that the computer revolution will profoundly change human life, so this magazine discusses technology from the perspective of people rather than technology, and the impact of technology on politics, culture, society and ethics. the impact.

Three Australian cryptocurrency firms have signed up blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis: Blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis has signed up three new clients from Australia, payments provider Assembly payments and cryptocurrency exchanges CoinSpot and CoinJar. (Finance Magnates)[2020/8/25]

Wired articles cover everything from the U.S. government v. Microsoft monopoly to the lives of electronic musicians, from the digital divide to internet etiquette. "Wired" is also full of philosophical thinking on the digital age, about intellectual property rights, about people's ever-shortening attention span, and about the future of new media.

On June 15, 1998, after the magazine was acquired by Condé Nast, "Connection" began to gradually move away from its usual grand theme and focus more on business in the Internet age. Launch of the "Connect Index: 40 Companies Powering the New Economy." The change of "Connection" bid farewell to the previous sense of confusion in design and arrangement, and also intends to use more business reports to dress itself up more maturely.

In 2001, Anderson believed that the only way out was: to return to the origin, to return to the path that Rossetto started when he founded "Connection". Anderson found Luis Roseto, brought him back as a consultant, and made drastic changes to the magazine. From column to design, the magazine strives to restore the original style. At the same time, in order to maintain the unique visual characteristics of "Connection", the bright colors and strong avant-garde atmosphere are still the temperament that "Connection" intends to highlight, but the fluorescent effect commonly used in the early years is abandoned, and the text is easily confused with the advertisement. Problem solved. The colorful MTV-style patchwork layout has also been changed, and the use of color is bolder, but also more specific, and at the same time, it seems more friendly rather than elitist. Therefore, the magazine's readership should also expand accordingly, and Anderson should see "Connection" everywhere he can see "Rolling Stone". "We want to embrace those readers who think they are not good at reading technology magazines." Anderson's successful reform has once again confirmed the vitality of "Connection".


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