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BitKeep_BitKeep wallet_BitKeep official website

BitKeep_BitKeep wallet_BitKeep official website

BitKeepBitKeep walletBitKeep official websiteBitKeep APP download

The creator of management concepts, providing managers with a platform for learning and practice.

BitKeep wallet supports currencies: BHP, BTC, CXC, DOGE, EOS, ETH, NEO, NULS, ONT, HTDF, QQBC, TRX, WICC

BIT Mining announced the completion of a $50 million private placement: Jinse Finance reported that BIT Mining today announced the completion of its previously announced non-public placement of 100 million Class A ordinary shares and warrants to purchase up to 100 million Class A ordinary shares . The private placement generated gross proceeds of $50 million for the company, before deducting placement agent fees and offering expenses payable by the company. The company intends to use the net proceeds from the private placement to purchase additional mining machines, build new data centers overseas, expand its infrastructure and improve its working capital position. [2021/7/17 0:58:29]

BitKeep aims to provide users with convenient, safe and professional one-stop digital asset management tools. The platform covers decentralized multi-chain wallets, exchanges, DAPP ecology, digital financial wealth management lending, enterprise-level wallet technology service platform BCloud, cloud computing power and real mining machine mining, block entertainment games, and supports multiple main chains and multiple currencies , exchange asset authorization, block payment transactions. Not only in asset transfer, collection, profit and loss information, one-key management and convenient operation, real-time presentation of profit and loss information, but also multiple technological innovations: full node security isolation technology, DESM algorithm security patent technology, safe offline wallet cold storage technology, multi-coin A batch transfer smart contract, cross-exchange smart scheduling technology, security verification biometric technology, etc. The product is a comprehensive digital currency financial aggregation platform integrating five major services including "wallet", "transaction", "bank", "payment", "data", etc.

Bitget Contract Big Data Center: Overnight BTC bottomed out and BTC contract bulls dominated: According to the market report of Bitget Contract Big Data Center, as of 11:00 today, the trading volume of BTC/USDT contracts on Bitget Exchange in the past 24 hours reached more than 570 million US dollars. Among them: profitable users accounted for 47%, long positions made a profit of 54%, short positions made a profit of 26%; loss-making users accounted for 53%, long positions lost 10%, and short positions lost 10%. In addition, the current price difference of the Bitget forward contract is about 0.5USDT, and the contract basis is about 0.2USDT. [2020/11/2 11:25:24]

News | BitPay Blocks Charity Amazon Watch's $100,000 Bitcoin Donation to Amazon Rainforest: According to Cointelegraph, encrypted payment processor BitPay is facing a public relations nightmare after the company blocked a charity's $100,000 donation to the Amazon rainforest. According to Amazon Watch’s social media complaint, which seeks to support the ecology and indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforest, the payment failed BitPay’s internal checks. The charity said that due to the ongoing wildfires in the Amazon region, donors tried to donate but were unable to complete the bitcoin payment. Officials tried to contact BitPay but received no response. The reason for the block is said to be the Amazon Watch's maximum payout limit set at under $100,000. However, after BitPay advised employees to change, they stated that an automatic change was not possible and they would have to submit a separate document. Software engineer Alex Kaul has called on Amazon Watch to ditch bitcoin payments in favor of an open-source alternative. When recommending BTCPay, Kaul's advice was welcomed by the charity, which promised to consider switching. [2019/8/23]

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