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People's Daily Online Finance

People's Daily Online Finance

People's Daily Online Finance

The financial channel of People's Daily Online.
People's Daily Online Finance

People's Finance and Economics is the first front of our party's economic propaganda on the Internet. Adhering to the tenet of "authoritative media and popular websites", and strictly following the requirements of "authority and strength come from the people", we will build China's No. 1 economic propaganda platform on the Internet. The content-ethexc of the channel covers stocks, insurance, funds, futures, foreign exchange, financial management and other personal and business-oriented services.

Director of Copyright Channel Department of People's Daily Online: People's Visual Network will promote the application of blockchain and other technologies in visual content: On March 31, People's Daily Online held an online seminar on the integrated development of "People's Visual Network" in Beijing, and the Copyright Channel Department of People's Daily Online Director Bai Na said that People's Visual Network will promote the technical service capabilities and content-ethexc review and rights protection capabilities of artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies in visual content-ethexc traceability, copyright protection, on-chain certificate storage, and dissemination tracking. The seven advantages and brand characteristics of operation services bring together and strengthen the resource cooperation of all parties in the industry, become the provider of the highest quality visual original content, and expand and strengthen the original visual content-ethexc aggregation service ability, audit risk control ability, professional training ability, and technology improvement ability , the ability to realize transactions, and form a strong market competitiveness and public opinion guidance in the visual content-ethexc industry. (People's Daily Online) [2020/3/31]

People's Finance and Economics is an important brand of People's Daily Online under the People's Daily, one of the top ten newspapers in the world, and it is the first front for economic propaganda on the Internet.

Secretary of the Party Committee of People's Daily Online: Will continue to explore the use of blockchain and other technologies: On the afternoon of March 10, People's Daily Online Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., which is in charge of the content-ethexc aggregation and distribution business of People's Daily Online, organized a Golden Taiwan Roundtable under the guidance of People's Daily Online— ——"The People's War Against the 'Epidemic', Research and Judgment on the Future of Content Technology" online seminar. Ye Zhenzhen, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and President of People's Daily Online, said that People's Daily Online and People's Technology will continue to explore the use of technologies such as 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, and plan content-ethexc aggregation and distribution services to target traffic platforms, Various types of terminals and various types of smart hardware, mainly smartphones, provide personalized, diverse and accurate content-ethexc distribution services, and actively explore new technology application models. business scenarios. [2020/3/13]

People's Daily Online: Shaanxi public security organs will focus on cracking down on MLM activities under the guise of "virtual currency" and "investment and wealth management": According to People. There were more than 3,000 participants in the activity, and 30 people who were deceived, including college students, were rescued. In the next step, the Shaanxi Public Security Bureau will focus on cracking down on behaviors that use "consumer rebates", "fund mutual assistance", "virtual currency" and "investment and wealth management" as guises, which are actually pyramid schemes. [2018/5/3]

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People's Daily Online Finance
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