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TRON decentralized network block explorer.

Tron's official block browser, covering blockchain transaction information query, nodes, super representatives, tokens, market information, voting, tools and news, etc.

KuCoin will list STRONG at 6:00 p.m. today: According to KuCoin exchange news, KuCoin will list the Strong (STRONG) project at 18:00 on February 9th and support the transaction service for the trading pair STRONG/USDT. STRONG is now open Recharge service. StrongBlock is the first and only blockchain-agnostic protocol that rewards nodes for supporting its blockchain infrastructure. KuCoin is a digital currency exchange that provides one-stop services such as currency, fiat currency, leverage, contract, mining pool, and lending for 6 million users from 207 countries. [2021/2/9 19:19:15]

The co-founder of Morgan Creek said that Tron is like a digital scam: Sun Yuchen, the founder of Tron, said on Twitter yesterday that Bitcoin is like digital gold, and TRON is like digital oil. In response, Morgan Creek co-founder Jason A. Williams tweeted that Tron is like a digital scam. [2020/11/30 22:32:09]

The total number of TRON accounts exceeded 7.5 million: On August 11, according to the latest data from the TRONSCAN blockchain browser, the total number of TRON accounts reached 7,539,368, exceeding 7.5 million. TRON’s various data are growing steadily. While the TRON ecosystem is getting stronger, it will also usher in more trading volume. [2020/8/11]

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