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Blockchain big data service company.

CHAINDIGG is the world's leading blockchain big data service company.

Committed to bringing the value of big data to everyone and building a global blockchain data ecological value platform. CHAINDIGG provides customers with valuable, competitive, safe and credible data solutions in the fields of digital currency tracking and monitoring, blockchain big data mining, and digital currency investment decision-making. Open cooperation with blockchain ecological partners to continuously provide regulatory tracking, currency flow data, and black address security labels for regulatory agencies, digital currency exchanges, digital currency wallets, mining pool mining machines, blockchain media, investment institutions and individual users , dynamic monitoring and blockchain data analysis and other diversified customized services.

The Hubble Chain smart contract protocol framework has been optimized: The Hubble Chain technical team announced that the smart contract protocol framework based on the Hubble Chain main network architecture has completed structural optimization, and the contract code is about to be written. According to the person in charge of the Hubble technical team, the Hubble smart contract is written into the Hubble Chain main network in a digital form, and the characteristics of the Hubble public chain blockchain technology ensure the transparency and traceability of the entire process of storage, reading, and execution. and cannot be tampered with. [2020/6/17]

News | Mars Chain Global Launch Conference successfully held in Beijing Station: On November 29th, the privacy chain Mars Chain Global Conference Beijing Station was successfully held. This is the second stop of Mars Chain since the launch ceremony in Singapore. , partners, community representatives and media support. Mars Chain is committed to enhancing the protection, application and innovation of blockchain technology in terms of privacy, while providing more secure and private services for more individuals and projects that need to use blockchain technology. [2019/11/29]

Blockchain Capital Partner: Government Crackdown Might Not Affect Bitcoin: Blockchain Capital Partner Spencer Bogart says Bitcoin may emerge unscathed from cryptocurrency regulatory crackdown. He believes that blockchain is the online ledger technology behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the least eligible of all cryptoassets to be considered a security, and as such, it is the least likely to be hit by regulation. [2018/3/10]


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