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Orient Walt (HTDF)_Orient Walt (HTDF) wallet_Orient Walt (HTDF) official website

Orient Walt (HTDF)_Orient Walt (HTDF) wallet_Orient Walt (HTDF) official website

Orient Walt (HTDF)Orient Walt (HTDF) walletOrient Walt (HTDF) official websiteOrient Walt (HTDF) APP download

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Orient Walt(HTDF)

Orient Walt (HTDF) wallet supports currencies: BTC, BCH, CXC, DASH, ETH, HET, LTC, HTDF, USDT, USDP

MetaMask Grants DAO announced the first batch of grant recipients: Agoric and Safeheron: On December 23, MetaMask announced the first batch of grant recipients of its newly established MetaMask Grants DAO, which are JavaScript smart contract Agoric and digital asset safe depository solutions Solution Provider Safeheron. Agoric will continue to develop a range of open source tools through the $500,000 grant. Through this $35K grant, Safeheron will develop and security audit key sharding solutions for MetaMask Flask, Keystone hardware wallets and mobile applications (MetaMask Mobile or alternatives), which MetaMask, Safeheron and Keystone have partnered to implement 2/ 2 MPC snap, this grant will fund the development of the project towards 2/3 MPC snap. [2022/12/23 22:03:28]

Walt Wallet is a decentralized wallet that supports multi-currency storage and transactions. It is a tool for key management. After importing the private key into the wallet, you can use the wallet to help us perform signature transfers, account management, etc. operate. The wallet is responsible for managing the paired private key and public key, and also supports multi-pair key management, that is, multiple wallet accounts can be imported at the same time. When using the wallet for the first time, you will be prompted to create a wallet password. The wallet password will be used every time a transaction is made, so for the security of digital assets, please be sure to keep the wallet password well.

The gas transfer fee of the Poriot public chain will be reduced to 0.000025ZKGwei/time: It is reported that the total gas capacity of the Poriot public chain will soon exceed 60 million. At present, the gas capacity of the mainstream public chains in the market is 12 million for Ethereum, 20 million for heco, and 60 million for Binance. The public chain currently has 30 million gas, and the Poriot public chain gas transfer fee will be reduced to 0.0000025ZKGwei/time, and the transfer cost will be reduced by 10 times, saving a lot of costs for user transactions and improving transaction efficiency. [2021/10/25 20:56:03]

Horizen General Counsel: XRP sale is a securities issue: Golden Finance reported that Dean Steinbeck, the general counsel of the cryptocurrency issuer Horizen, issued a document stating that Chris Giancarlo, former chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, previously stated in a paper that the XRP sale was not a securities issue. ridiculous. Steinbeck said that Ripple owns XRP and sells XRP for U.S. dollars, and people buying XRP is essentially a money investment. He believes that XRP clearly meets all the requirements of the Howey test and should be considered a security. [2020/7/4]

Tags:Orient Walt (HTDF)Orient Walt (HTDF) walletOrient Walt (HTDF) official websiteOrient Walt (HTDF) APP download

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Orient Walt(HTDF)
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