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Mixin_Mixin wallet_Mixin official website

Mixin_Mixin wallet_Mixin official website

MixinMixin walletMixin official websiteMixin APP download

MIT's magazine focusing on emerging technologies and innovative businesses.

Mixin wallet supports currencies: BTC, DOGE, EOS, ETH, ETC, LTC

Mixin Messenger Wallet is the first Dapp on the Mixin Network. It is developed based on the Mixin Network standard API. It is an easy-to-use and powerful mobile phone light wallet. Mixin Messenger Wallet is committed to becoming a blockchain world chain world comprehensive media blockchain technology dissemination, blockchain application landing promotion and in-depth reports, blockchain application scenario interpretation! The WeChat in it allows ordinary people to use it in an extremely simple way Enter the blockchain world. Here I have to mention the Mixin network. It is the largest and most developer-friendly mobile blockchain network, connecting all existing blockchains with unlimited throughput. It allows more developers to develop diversified functional Dapps on the Mixin chain, realizing the docking of user life scenarios. As the first Dapp on the Mixin network, the Mixin Messenger wallet will benefit greatly.

The DeFi lending agreement Alchemix has completed the migration of the V2 version: On October 14th, the DeFi lending agreement Alchemix tweeted yesterday that it has completed the migration of positions from the V1 to the V2 version. The V1 contract has been officially deprecated. If users still hold positions in the V1 contract, they can use the previously launched migration tool to migrate. [2022/10/14 14:27:49]

Mixapp already supports FIC t address and f address recharge and withdrawal at the same time: Filecash block height reached 58270, Filecoin's first pre-fork project FIC (Filecash) mainnet officially launched, Mixapp announced that FIC t address and f address recharge and withdrawal function will be opened at the same time . [2020/11/20 21:29:08]

News | Japanese energy company Remixpoint changes its comprehensive profit forecast for the fiscal year: According to Nikkei News, Japanese energy company Remixpoint has set its annual comprehensive comprehensive profit forecast on March 31, 2019 as "undetermined", while the previously announced net profit forecast was Three times that of the previous period, or 6.8 billion yen. The reason for this is the downturn in the cryptocurrency market and the fact that it was difficult to carry out active-ethexc advertising due to the business improvement order of the Financial Services Agency in June. It is reported that the cryptocurrency exchange business accounts for 60% of the company's sales and 90% of operating income. [2018/11/14]

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OKLink builds a new generation of security system to protect financial security

"Currently, the development of China's financial technology is advancing at a high speed, but it is undeniable that the security of financial technology is also facing many challenges.

When Trusting DeFi Developers Many DeFi Farmers Lose More Than Expected

Recently, Yield farmers looking for quick profits (farmers, referring to people who earn income by providing liquidity for DeFi) have been scammed by a dubious DeFi protocol called UniCats.

From the theft of kucoin to see the evolution and countermeasures of hackers' coin laundering methods.

In the eyes of many people, the most noteworthy thing about digital currency is decentralization. On the one hand, decentralization can protect private property from being violated.

Golden Outpost丨SushiSwap community initiated a proposal to reduce the supply of SUSHI tokens

More than half a month ago, SushiSwap spotted the defect that Uniswap had no token rewards, and successfully attacked Uniswap.However, because there is no limit to the total amount of SUSHI tokens in SushiSwap.

The beginning and end of the "crash" event of the Ethereum Medalla testnet

Translator's Note: Users running Prysm client please upgrade to Alpha.23 version as soon as possible: issue is an update outside the wnie2 plan.

The U.S.federal government judged Bitcoin as a "currency" and was associated with a 2.1 billion dark web money laundering case, which became the strongest assist in the bull market?

On July 24th, the U.S. Federal Court's "judgment that Bitcoin is a currency" caused an uproar in the domestic blockchain industry. Domestic encryption investors exclaimed, "In 2020, Bitcoin worth 100.