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Bringing Wall Street-level transaction intelligence to the blockchain.

Decentralized cryptocurrency investor market intelligence platform, cryptocurrency trading analysis tool.

Media: Cryptocurrency exchanges such as COINBASE encountered technical problems under a large number of transactions: After Tesla announced a $1.5 billion investment in Bitcoin, cryptocurrency exchanges such as COINBASE, GEMINI, and BINANCE encountered technical problems under a large number of transactions. (COINDESK)[2021/2/9 19:16:07]

CoinFi aims to bring Wall Street-level trading intelligence to the blockchain, providing crowdsourcing and professional planning research, analysis, trading signals, trading algorithms and market dynamics, so that cryptocurrency traders can get real-time market intelligence to take advantage of it.

Coinbase website and mobile app failed to load: Jinse Finance reported that as Bitcoin approached $17,000, the website and mobile app of the US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase failed to load. According to the update, Coinbase has implemented a fix and the company is "investigating the issue." [2020/11/17 21:00:23]

News | Crypto exchange Coinbase lists "core principles" for institutional investment services: According to CNN, the exchange Coinbase announced a series of guiding principles aimed at promoting the adoption and development of its new series of products and services for institutional investors. The "North Star" principles published by Coinbase create a framework for market participants to ensure fair, secure, transparent mechanisms and high-quality infrastructure, prevent malicious activities, and provide all necessary information. [2018/8/24]


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The golden trend丨ETH skyrocketed as expected, how will it be interpreted in the future?

It has been reminded many times in the early stage that ETH will buy low when it falls, and it will still be in an upward trend in the medium term. It is enough to hold the currency and wait for it to rise. Today.

Coinbase Chief Tax Officer: Capital Will Flee US Due to Crypto Tax Law

Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States.

Technology Weekly | Polkadot began to elect the first Polkadot Council

This week's Technology Weekly contains technical news about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot.

Golden Sentinel | The launch of TON has been postponed until April next year.Telegram will return $1.2 billion to investors

According to Coindesk, on April 29, Telegram once again postponed the launch of the blockchain project TON, and the new launch date will be postponed to April 30, 2021.According to Telegram’s letter to investors.

Golden Outpost 丨 Waiting for the halving? The amount of deposits on the Bitcoin chain hit a new low in the past three years

The number of Bitcoin on-chain deposits has fallen sharply over the past six months, suggesting a strong sense of optimism — or.