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Bletchley works with teams seeking to improve the quality of spatial information on digital assets by combining market indexing with solutions. Index tracking is an extremely efficient and low-cost investment mechanism. Index building adds value to existing products, and its API integrates all necessary data to develop related products based on Bletchley Indexes.

The NFT market Rarible has launched Solana NFT: On July 18th, the NFT market Rarible officially tweeted that the Solana ecological NFT series can be listed and traded on Rarible. In the first month of launch, Solana NFT transactions will be exempt from platform fees.

According to previous news, Rarible has listed Ethereum, Flow, Tezos and Polygon. [2022/7/18 2:20:07]

Unstoppable Finance Receives $5.2 Million in Funding: Jinse Finance reported that Unstoppable Finance today announced its $5.2 million seed round of financing. Including Speedinvest, Inflection, Backed, Cadenza, Discovery Ventures, Fabric Ventures, Rockaway Blockchain Fund, Centrifuge and Fractal. (finextra) [2021/10/20 20:44:12]

News | Blockchain Domain Name Company Unstoppable Domains Launches $1M Grant Program: Blockchain domain name company Unstoppable Domains has announced an additional investment of $1 million to help wallets, browsers, and DApps integrate blockchain domain names. Users can now use their blockchain domains to make payments in wallets like Coinomi and Trust Wallet. The goal of the $1 million grant program is to accelerate the adoption of blockchain domains, including browsers and DApps. [2019/11/25]


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