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A block explorer for lending on Ethereum.

Loanscan allows you to explore and search-ethexc for loans issued on the Ethereum blockchain, repayment status, interest rate, arrears and defaults, etc., specifically through Token / Debt Token ID / Address / TxHash / Relayer / Underwriter for search-ethexc queries.

Encrypted trading service company Floating Point Group completes $10 million in Series A financing: September 16 news, encrypted trading service company Floating Point Group completed $10 million in Series A financing, Tribe Capital, Coinbase Ventures, F A S T by GettyLab, Borderless Capital, CapitalX and Formula Ventures participated. Anthony Scaramucci of SkyBridge Capital participated in his personal capacity, along with executives from GoldenTree Asset Management, HC Tech and Pythagorus Investments. Founded at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Floating Point provides key trading services such as custody and algorithmic trading to institutional investors such as hedge funds, asset managers, and brokers. Last year, the company raised $2 million in seed funding from AngelList founder Naval Ravikant,, and BoxOne Ventures. Floating Point Group's new platform offers institutional clients direct access to centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges and OTC desks. Its products are already used by dozens of hedge funds, asset managers and brokers to trade cryptocurrencies. (Coindesk) [2021/9/16 23:28:27]

Polkadot DeFi platform Acala announces that Karura Crowdloan is online: Polkadot DeFi platform Acala announced on Twitter that Karura Crowdloan has been launched. [2021/6/9 23:23:14]

Polkadot's ecological identity protocol Litentry has reached a cooperation with the privacy computing platform zCloak Network: According to official news, Polkadot's ecological identity protocol Litentry announced a cooperation with Polkadot's ecological privacy computing platform zCloak Network. According to the cooperation agreement, zCloak Network will use zero-knowledge proofs to provide privacy protection for user identity data aggregated in Litentry. [2021/4/16 20:28:04]


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