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CoinText_CoinText wallet_CoinText official website

CoinText_CoinText wallet_CoinText official website

CoinTextCoinText walletCoinText official websiteCoinText APP download

Keep abreast of the cryptocurrency market conditions that you care most about.

CoinText wallet supports currencies: BCH is a service to conduct cryptocurrency transactions via SMS with any type of mobile phone without the need for the Internet, using Cointext does not require accounts, passwords, applications or complex cryptocurrency addresses. Anyone can get a Cointext wallet by texting the word RECEIVE to an access number in their area, or when another user sends funds to their mobile phone. The app did not open Asian services at the beginning, but only opened a few countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

CoinBene will list COMP at 11:30 tomorrow: According to official news, CoinBene will list Compound (COMP) at 11:30 tomorrow, supporting the COMP/USDT trading pair.

Compound is a protocol based on Ethereum, which is used to establish a fund pool based on the change of supply and demand of assets, and the interest rate is calculated by algorithm. Suppliers and borrowers of assets interact directly with the protocol, earning or paying floating rates.

CoinBene aims to build a trustworthy digital asset trading platform. It has more than 5 million users in more than 180 countries and regions around the world, with more than 100,000 daily active-ethexc users and an average daily transaction volume of 3 billion US dollars. [2021/2/8 19:13:45]

The sixth phase of ZB&ZBG pomegranate mining pool Filecoin cloud computing power has been launched: ZBG official website news, the sixth phase of pomegranate mining pool FileCoin cloud computing power has been launched on ZBG official website and ZAPP, and will officially sell Filecoin at 15:00 on August 11 Cloud computing power, the unit price is 1200 yuan/TB/year, and the total sales in this period is 500TB.

Pomegranate Mining Pool is a mining pool focusing on "unicorn" projects in the digital currency field. It provides users with mining pools, customized mining software, mining machines, wallets and other solutions. Filecoin has officially invited Pomegranate Mining Pool to join FileCoin Security Research Fellowship (FSRF). Up to now, the first five phases of the ZBG platform have sold out a total of 3000TB pomegranate mining pool Filecoin cloud computing power. See ZBG official website for details. [2020/8/11]

58COIN exchange delivery contract 24H market report at 9:00: as of 9:00, according to the 58COIN exchange delivery contract market:

The BTC contract is currently quoted at US$7,047.46, a discount of US$15.13 to the spot price, with a 24-hour increase or decrease of 7.41%. The trading volume was 2,034,590,600 lots, the turnover was 28,280,126,900 US dollars, and the total number of current positions was 3,209,200 lots, a change of -124,200 lots from the previous trading day.

The EOS contract is currently quoted at US$2.64, a discount of US$0.0050 compared to the spot price, with a 24-hour increase or decrease of 10.82%. The trading volume was 4,319,000 lots, with a turnover of 22,322,300 US dollars, and the total current position was 3,974,200 lots, a change of -122,600 lots from the previous trading day.

The ETH contract is currently quoted at US$171.00, a discount of US$0.41 to the spot price, with a 24-hour increase or decrease of 13.24%. The trading volume was 21.7236 million lots, and the turnover was 180.2964 million US dollars. The current total position was 2.2284 million lots, a change of 110,600 lots from the previous trading day. [2020/4/17]

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