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A new generation of blockchain-based general search-ethexc engine.

NETTA decentralizes the operating system that can confirm the right of information, and on the basis of information right confirmation and data protection, through the integration of global timing, industry pass, DApp collaboration and other technologies, and the establishment of various data sharing and value-added The benign industry application ecological community of the service, so as to truly create an ecological chain integrating infrastructure, protocols and basic resources from the information industry chain.

Web3 privacy product MaskNetwork launched the governance token MASK, with a total of 1 billion genesis tokens: On February 11, the Web3 privacy product MaskNetwork officially announced that it will launch the governance token MASK, with a total of 1 billion genesis tokens.

According to the official introduction, the governance of the MaskNetwork ecosystem is carried out by MaskDAO, which is composed of Mask token holders. It is the final decision maker on all matters related to MASK, including participation in determining the parameters and use of funds in the reserve.

MASK token holders need to pledge their tokens to the proposal contract during the voting period before they can vote. Voting periods usually range from 1 hour to 3 days. During the voting period, only the MASK locked in the governance 7 days before the proposal voting meeting can be used to vote. (Medium)[2021/2/11 19:31:13]

Determine the original ratio and copyright through the semantic compatibility algorithm. Provide the underlying decentralized data desensitization storage function, combining engineering methods with homomorphic encryption ideas. Subvert the cold start mode of blockchain, confirm the rights of existing digital resources in one step, and decentralize the real world instead of building decentralization from scratch. High-level functional programming, dynamic trigger-based graph computing ledger, itself is a computing processor, storage and execution The concurrent consensus mechanism realizes timing-based collaboration in a decentralized mechanism for the first time. It is the first native search-ethexc engine that realizes the sociological cognitive index structure, which improves the precision and recall from the root. For the first time, the mutual mapping search-ethexc and matching between code and function description is realized. The visible range and usage permissions of custom data. Create a personal digital portrait to replace the owner to achieve self-profit from the data. Based on the natural language sociological reasoning mechanism and the P2P parallel marketing model, precision marketing is realized. Provide industry collaboration DAO autonomous alliance mechanism, support rapid issuance of industry certificates without programming. Provide a safe and convenient development mechanism, and provide a natural language development environment without programming for those without programming ability.

eToro in talks with Ripple\\Flare Networks about upcoming Spark token: Investment platform eToro is currently in talks with Ripple and Flare Networks about the upcoming launch of Spark token, the native token of the Flare blockchain. In previous news, Ripple partner blockchain company Flare Networks stated that it plans to release a new token Spark based on XRP Ledger in December. Investors in XRP can claim 1 free Spark token for every XRP they hold on December 12. (Bitcoinist)[2020/9/7]

Ms. Anita Xie, the founder of Netta Labs, is also the founder of the SARC project. She graduated from Zhejiang University and is said to have ten years of experience in the development of distributed systems and search-ethexc engines. She is also the inventor of several patents. During the doctoral period, the research direction was how to apply artificial intelligence in the field of distributed trusted autonomy. Judging from the photos, it looks good to be young.

News | POA Network launches TokenBridge: According to ethnews reports, POA Network has announced the launch of TokenBridge connecting ERC20 tokens, which can be used with any Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens, enabling Ethereum-based networks to interact with each other. The POA Bridge, which was previously launched by POA in May, only allows POA20 tokens native to Ethereum to be exchanged for tokens native to POA. [2018/11/22]


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