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CounterpartyBitcoinSmart Contract

A smart contract tool service based on the Bitcoin blockchain.

A protocol based on the Bitcoin transport layer, a service based on timestamps and proof of publication.

"Of course I hate the bitcoin success. -Munger" has been written into the BTC block: May 3, "Of course I hate the bitcoin success. -Munger" (Of course, I hate the bitcoin success -Munger) Has been written to BTC block height 681629. ​

Earlier news, at the Buffett shareholder meeting, Charlie Munger, vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, said: "I hate the success of Bitcoin. I don't like a currency that is so useful to kidnappers and extortionists. I also don't like handing over hundreds of millions, billions of dollars to someone who just invented a new financial product out of thin air. So I guess I should be humble enough to say that this damn development is disgusting and contrary to the good of civilization ”[2021/5/3 21:19:20]

News | Real estate developer Country Heights plans to issue asset-backed cryptocurrencies: Thestar news, loss-making real estate developer Country Heights plans to issue asset-backed cryptocurrencies, mainly used as utility or reward tokens for utilities or products. Country Heights is proposing to issue 1 billion units of the cryptocurrency, tentatively titled "Malaysia Ringgit". The company is considering allowing ringgit as legal tender for the purchase and lease of the group’s unique property programmes, especially the group’s resort properties. An extraordinary general meeting of shareholders will be held on Nov. 8 to seek shareholder approval for the issuance of the cryptocurrency. [2018/9/22]

28,000 ETHs were traded in four hours, and the blockchain game CryptoCountries became popular: A blockchain game called CryptoCountries sold 28,000 ETHs in four hours yesterday afternoon, about 150 million yuan. It is understood that the game development team made each country a token similar to a virtual token on the Ethereum blockchain, and players can "conquer" the country by purchasing these tokens. After "conquering", the user's name will be written on the token of the country. [2018/2/16]

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