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Crypto investment firm Pantera Capital plans to raise $1.25 billion for a second blockchain fund



Time:9/28/2022 10:37:24 PM

[Encrypted investment company Pantera Capital plans to raise $1.25 billion for the second blockchain fund] Jinse Finance reported that Dan Morehead, founder of the encrypted investment company Pantera Capital, said in an interview that the company is seeking to raise $1.25 billion for the second blockchain fund. Raising $1.25 billion. It is reported that the company’s first blockchain fund will be launched in 2021, with the goal of raising $600 million. Earlier this year, Pantera announced it had secured more than $1 billion in commitments for the fund. (The Block)

Other news:

Governor of the Central Bank of Russia: Encryption investment is the "most dangerous" investment strategy: Elvira Nabiullina, Governor of the Central Bank of Russia, recently said in an interview with the country's "Komsomolskaya Pravda" that investing in encrypted assets is the most dangerous investment strategy. She explained Said, "Crypto-assets are speculative and undoubtedly the most dangerous investment strategy. The price of cryptocurrencies fluctuates greatly and the losses are staggering. The Central Bank of Russia never provides investment advice, but in this particular case, I think absolutely not." You should invest in cryptocurrencies.” Elvira Nabiullina believes that bank deposits are one of the best savings investment strategies, adding: “Many people will also pour into ancient poetry, thinking that investing in stocks can also get higher returns. But people should remember that, There are also risks in the stock market, and investment products must be carefully studied and advertisements viewed critically." (finbold) [2021/6/21 23:53:55]

News | Crypto Investors Urge FCC to Take Urgent Action on SIM Card Swap Fraud and Demand $23.8 Million in Compensation: According to CoinDesk, crypto investor Michael Terpin has written an open letter to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai, demanding SIM swap fraud take urgent action. In SIM swap fraud, criminals impersonate the owner of the victim's mobile phone number to convince the telecom operator to allow them to use the SIM card. Last August, Terpin sued phone carrier AT&T, alleging that AT&T employees were involved in a SIM swap fraud in which hackers stole $24 million in cryptocurrency. Terpin is seeking $23.8 million in compensatory damages and $200 million in punitive damages. [2019/10/22]

News | The judge ruled that the telecommunications giant AT&T Mobility responded to the lawsuit filed by the encryption investor: According to CoinDesk on July 23, the encryption investor Michael Terpin sued the telecommunications giant AT&T Mobility and achieved a preliminary victory. In court documents released Friday, Los Angeles federal Judge Otis Wright II ruled that AT&T must respond to a lawsuit filed by Terpin for allowing hackers to access Terpin's SIM card, allowing hackers to steal millions of dollars from the user. cryptocurrency. While AT&T Mobility asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit outright, the judge found that AT&T should respond to Terpin's allegations, which the plaintiffs allege AT&T violated the Federal Communications Act, breach of contract, and other violations. Terpin is reportedly seeking $23.8 million in compensatory damages, and another $200 million in punitive damages. [2019/7/23]

Analysis: If BTC falls below the June low of $17,500, there may be a risk of the dam breaking.

[Analysis: If BTC falls below the low of $17,500 in June.

Block Chain:10/1/2022 6:37:00 PM
Tactic announced the completion of $11 million in financing, led by FTX Ventures

[Tactic announced the completion of $11 million in financing.

Block Chain:9/27/2022 10:34:27 PM
OpenSea has resumed the NFT project Azuki market pending orders

On October 1, according to the official page data.

Block Chain:10/1/2022 10:42:53 PM
The number of BTC exchange deposits reached a 2-year low

According to news on September 29, according to Glassnode data.

Block Chain:9/29/2022 10:40:01 PM
Russia plans to use digital rubles in cross-border settlements with China

Golden Finance News.

Block Chain:9/27/2022 10:33:27 PM
Data: 13,545 BTCs have been added to the exchange in the past 7 days.

Golden Finance reported that Watcher.Guru stated on social media that in the past.

Block Chain:9/25/2022 7:20:13 AM
Celebrity investor Kevin O’Leary will create the Web3 fund Cipher

On September 29th.

Block Chain:9/29/2022 10:38:45 PM
Cosmos will launch native USDC through Interchain-ATOmic

On October 1st, according to the official Twitter of Cosmos.

Block Chain:10/1/2022 10:44:10 PM
Framework Ventures co-creation: encrypted games will "bring 100 million people into Web3"

Jinse Finance reported that according to San Franci.

Block Chain:9/30/2022 10:41:50 PM
Web3 game project Pixelmon establishes new leadership team and roadmap after raising $70 million

Jinse Finance reported that the Web3 game projec.

Block Chain:9/27/2022 10:32:05 PM