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Topaz, the Aptos ecological NFT market, will airdrop NFT to users, and the snapshot will be taken within one hour.



Time:8/4/2022 2:58:21 AM

[Aptos ecological NFT market Topaz will airdrop NFT for users, and the snapshot will be taken within one hour] On August 4th, Aptos ecological NFT market Topaz said that it is testing the airdrop script and Token inbox, and will provide Or listed users airdrop devnet NFT, which will be snapshot within an hour.

Other news:

Data: The transaction volume on the Aptos (APT) chain has exceeded 10 million: Jinse Finance reported that according to the latest data from Aptos Labs, the transaction volume on the Aptos chain has exceeded 10 million, reaching 10,008,752 at the time of writing, and the active-ethexc pledge volume is 822,391,776.39 pieces APT has 102 active-ethexc verifiers. According to data from Coingecko, Aptos (APT) is currently about $9.71, an increase of 8.5% in 24 hours, and its market value has reached $1,265,961,265. [2022/10/24 16:36:37]

Opinion: At present, Aptos TPS is lower than Bitcoin, and more than 80% of APT supply is controlled by the team and investors: On October 18, Twitter user ParadigmEng420 posted that the Aptos mainnet was launched, but the current Aptos TPS is lower than Bitcoin, Aptos 100,000 TPS was promised in its final version, but the current TPS is about 4 transactions per second, and most of these transactions are not actual transactions, they are just validator communication and setting block checkpoints and writing metadata to blocks chain.

It's hard to see how users are using Aptos right now, I can't find any RPCs personally, and I can't find any validators to send transactions. The total supply of Aptos is 1,000,739,234.25, but 821,111,362.91 are currently staked. This means that more than 80% of the APT Token supply is controlled by the team and investors, and the remaining 200 million liquid Tokens may wait to be sold. [2022/10/18 17:30:24]

Public chain project Aptos completes strategic financing of 200 million US dollars: On March 15, the public chain project Aptos initiated by former team members of Facebook’s stable currency project Diem completed 200 million US dollars of strategic financing, led by a16z, Tiger Global, Katie Haun, Multicoin Capital , Three Arrows Capital, FTX Ventures and Coinbase Ventures participated in the investment.

It is reported that Aptos' goal is to build a more scalable blockchain, using the Move programming language, designed to serve billions of users and meet the needs of large enterprise customers as soon as possible. The project also stated that it will not use any Diem intellectual property owned by Silvergate in building the blockchain. (TechCrunch) [2022/3/15 13:58:28]

TRON United Reserve officially launched USDD fixed exchange rate currency exchange module PSM

According to the latest news.

Block Chain:8/3/2022 2:57:29 AM
BNB broke through $300 and hit a 2-month high

According to Jinse Finance, according to the latest data from Coingecko.

Block Chain:8/5/2022 12:03:13 PM
Data: Cardano Plutus smart contracts exceed 3,000, and ADA wallets exceed 3.5 million

On August 5th, according to Cardano Blockchain Insights data.

Block Chain:8/6/2022 12:05:43 PM
The U.S.Senate passed a $430 billion inflation-cutting bill

On August 8.

Block Chain:8/8/2022 12:08:27 PM
Survey: Nearly 7% of Spaniards have ever invested in cryptocurrencies

Golden Finance reported that a survey by the Spanish securities market regulator.

Block Chain:8/5/2022 12:04:51 PM
Survey: Nearly 40% of U.S.investors buy more cryptocurrencies amid market uncertainty

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The total locked position of Ethereum Layer 2 rose to 5.98 billion US dollars

Golden Finance News, according to L2BEAT data.

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