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Open-source Ethereum consensus client Lodestar: The first batch of mainnet Lido validators are online



Time:8/5/2022 12:04:59 PM

[Open-source Ethereum consensus client Lodestar: the first batch of mainnet Lido validators have been launched] On August 5th, the open-source Ethereum consensus client Lodestar tweeted that the first batch of mainnet Lido validators running Lodestar has been launched. Among them, 28 validators have been activated on the beacon chain and are currently running smoothly, and 10 validators are yet to be activated.

Other news:

RevokeCash releases an open source browser plug-in, which will prompt suspicious authorization with a pop-up window: On July 30th, RevokeCash released a Chromium-based open source browser plug-in. When the user interacts with a suspected phishing website, it will promptly prompt the user to pay attention to the authorization in the form of a pop-up window risk. This browser plugin works with any EVM-based on-chain network. [2022/7/30 2:46:47]

News| High Fidelity abandons the development of blockchain open source VR platform and starts layoffs: High Fidelity, the studio founded by Second Life creator Philip Rosedale, is laying off a large part of the team because the company will abandon the development of blockchain-based open source VR platform. The layoffs affect half of the studio's developer staff, including "developers, designers, project managers, marketers, and professional support staff," the company said in a blog post, without citing specific numbers. (Gama Sutra)[2019/12/13]

Jinse Finance live report V God: The continuous support of the open source community drives the development of the community: Jinse Finance reported live on June 3, at today’s Ethereum Technology and Application Conference “Exploration-Ethereum and Industry Ecology” round table discussion, asked And in the topic of "What is the future development direction of Ethereum", V God said: "There is indeed a development plan. For example, the learning process is 100% open. Once I finish a video, I will publish it. It is not necessarily Perfect, maybe I made a mistake, but the main thing is to send it out. Putting yourself out into the world is scary and stressful for me, sometimes I have to go on vacation. But if You overcome the pressure and release the content, the open source community will support you, there are many incentives, people and funds are constantly entering this field, and we have reasons to continue to push forward and join forces to make new changes.” [2018/ 6/3]

Survey: Nearly 7% of Spaniards have ever invested in cryptocurrencies

Golden Finance reported that a survey by the Spanish securities market regulator.

Block Chain:8/5/2022 12:04:51 PM
Survey: Nearly 40% of U.S.investors buy more cryptocurrencies amid market uncertainty

Golden Finance reports.

Block Chain:8/5/2022 12:04:55 PM
The total locked position of Ethereum Layer 2 rose to 5.98 billion US dollars

Golden Finance News, according to L2BEAT data.

Block Chain:8/6/2022 12:06:34 PM
Forbes magazine seeks $630 million sale

On August 4th.

Block Chain:8/4/2022 2:58:29 AM
BlackRock offers crypto to institutional investors through Coinbase Prime

On August 4th.

Block Chain:8/4/2022 12:02:21 PM
Research: 65% of Bitcoin's circulating supply has not moved in the past 12 months

Jinse Finance reported that according to Glassnode data.

Block Chain:8/6/2022 12:06:39 PM
The Ethereum gas fee hit the lowest level since 2020 for 38 consecutive days

Jinjin Finance News.

Block Chain:8/8/2022 12:08:28 PM
Data: The current holdings of ETH on the top 10 trading platforms have reached 7 million pieces

According to news on August 3.

Block Chain:8/3/2022 2:57:19 AM