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Research: 65% of Bitcoin's circulating supply has not moved in the past 12 months



Time:8/6/2022 12:06:39 PM

[Research: 65% of Bitcoin’s circulating supply has not moved in the past 12 months] Jinse Finance reported that according to Glassnode data, more than 65% of Bitcoin’s circulating supply, or about 12.35 million Bitcoins, has not moved for at least a year Pass. This is a significant increase compared to supply that has been inactive for at least two years, and an even more substantial increase compared to supply that has been inactive for at least three years. 8.55 million bitcoins (45% of circulating supply) have not moved in at least two years, while 7.22 million bitcoins (38% of circulating supply) have not moved in three years. (cryptoslate)

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Research: The third of the top ten active-ethexc blockchain fund investment targets this year has become a DeFi project: The Block Research found that the top ten most active-ethexc funds this year are Coinbase Ventures after researching 873 blockchain-related investment transactions since the initial stage of research (25 investments made), Alameda Research (23), Digital Currency Group (21), CoinFund, Dragonfly Capital, NGC Ventures, Polychain Capital, ConsenSys Labs, Pantera Capital, and HashKey Capital, with DeFi being the most popular among these A category popular with top investors, 31.4% of the 121 companies invested in belong to DeFi projects. [2020/12/15 15:15:29]

Research: The new crown epidemic may promote the rise in Bitcoin prices: May 17 news, in a recently published study, the daily data on the global death toll of the new coronavirus from December 31, 2019 to April 29, 2020 A wavelet correlation analysis was performed with Bitcoin daily price. The analysis pointed out that the level of the coronavirus epidemic was found to indeed contribute to the rise in the price of Bitcoin. In addition, the article also shows that there is nothing wrong with the data-based research, but many factors that affect the price of Bitcoin during the study period, such as the impact of Bitcoin halving, etc., were not considered in the research, so the assumption is not completely accurate . (Ambcrypto)[2020/5/17]

Research: Bitcoin a Viable Option for Investors Amid Geopolitical Uncertainty: Golden Finance reports that a recent study by the University of Pretoria analyzed how Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, have responded to geopolitical developments, including ETH, XRP, LTC, and XLM. The study highlights the impact of geopolitical risk (GPR) on the price of Bitcoin. Investors moved from the stock market to the bitcoin market, which in turn led to an increase in the price of bitcoin. The increase in GPR levels could have a positive impact on Bitcoin prices as investors view Bitcoin as a hedge against global uncertainty, the report said. According to analytical data, among the five leading cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin exhibited significant jumps or price discontinuities, all in sync with rising levels of GPR. According to the study, the increase in the GPR index leads to an increase in the price of Bitcoin, which means that the upward behavior of BTC is largely determined by the GPR index. However, other cryptocurrencies are not as dependent on the GPR index as Bitcoin is. The study concluded that Bitcoin is a viable option for investors amid heightened geopolitical uncertainty. [2020/3/12]

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