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WazirX: Operations will continue as usual, cryptocurrency and INR withdrawals are being processed normally



Time:8/8/2022 12:08:39 PM

[WazirX: Operations will continue as usual, cryptocurrency and INR withdrawals are being processed normally] According to news on August 7, the Indian exchange WazirX tweeted that in view of the recent news about WazirX, it assured users that operations will continue as usual. INR withdrawals are being processed normally.

Other news:

Uniswap launched Wazir: According to official information, Uniswap launched the Indian encryption exchange Wazir token BWRX. [2021/8/21 22:28:21]

Voice | Founder of Indian exchange WazirX: The crypto ban proposed by the IMC report is based on inaccurate assumptions: Nischal Shetty, founder of the Indian cryptocurrency exchange WazirX, believes that the Indian government’s recent request for a total ban on Bitcoin in the country And the encrypted IMC (Inter-Ministerial Committee) report draws conclusions based on inaccurate assumptions. First, the IMC defines cryptocurrencies as “private currencies,” a classification that would put the entire asset class in direct conflict with the Indian rupee. As a result, Indian lawmakers have called for a crypto ban to preserve the rupee's monopoly. Other jurisdictions, such as the United States, consider it appropriate to classify cryptocurrencies as commodities, making them an investment asset. Shetty suggested that the government create a standing committee on encryption, a suggestion also made in the IMC report. He also warned that insisting on enforcing the encryption ban would have devastating consequences for the country. (Bitcoinist)[2019/7/24]

The Indian exchange wazirx launched NULS: The Indian exchange wazirx officially announced the launch of NULS on Twitter earlier today, saying that it is "the first trading platform in India to launch NULS". The platform has officially opened NULS trading pairs on the 14th of this month, supporting rupees trading, and EOS, ZIL, and ZRX projects have also been launched recently. [2018/5/16]

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