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The 1inch Foundation donated 1INCH tokens worth $308,000 to ecological projects including Delta Dex



Time:8/4/2022 2:58:02 AM

[The 1inch Foundation donates 1INCH tokens worth 308,000 USD to ecological projects including Delta Dex] On August 4th, the 1inch Foundation announced a batch of 1INCH token donations worth 308,000 USD. Projects include the decentralized option protocol DeltaDex, the interactive learning application Bankless Academy, the Latin American developer DAO WEB3 DEV, the encrypted media and community MoniTalks, the Rust implementation of Akula for the full node of Ethereum, the data provider and the financial analysis platform Quantor.

Other news:

1inch: The London hard fork will cause some tokens to become invalid, and a Gas compensation plan has been launched: On August 3, the on-chain transaction aggregation platform 1inch officially stated that due to the upgrade of Ethereum London on August 5, the old protocol will be abolished, and some Tokens will be invalidated, including Gas token GST2 and 1inch’s improved token CHI. At the same time, the 1inch Foundation Gas Compensation Plan will distribute 10 million 1INCH tokens as gas consumption refunds to users who pledge 1INCH through the 1inch dApp on September 1. [2021/8/3 1:31:59]

DEX aggregator integrated JulSwap: On March 3, the official DEX aggregator officially announced the integration of JulSwap as a liquidity provider. [2021/3/3 18:09:39]

Jubi will launch 1INCH at 12:30 on December 25: Jubi will launch 1INCH at 12:30 on December 25, 2020 (UTC+8), open 1INCH/USDT currency trading, 1INCH deposit and withdrawal activated.

1INCH is a functional token issued by the 1INCH trading platform. The purpose of the token 1INCH issued by the platform is to ensure that the protocol integration on the aggregator maintains a permissionless state, protect the development ecosystem and reward governance behavior funds, which will also be used for Staking for network security. 1inch emphasized that 1INCH is not an investment, but a tool that can assist the platform in building a decentralized, permissionless network. [2020/12/25 16:28:57]

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Security Team: EGD_Finance was attacked by hackers, and token prices were manipulated by flash loans

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Foundry provides BTC donations to developers of the open source Stratum V2 protocol

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