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Security Team: EGD_Finance was attacked by hackers, and token prices were manipulated by flash loans



Time:8/8/2022 12:09:04 PM

[Security Team: EGD_Finance was attacked by hackers, token prices were manipulated by flash loans] On August 8th, according to news from SlowMist, the EGD_Finance project on BSC was attacked by hackers, resulting in unexpected withdrawal of funds from its pool. The analysis conducted by the SlowMist security team is as follows:

1. The claimAllReward function in the EGD_Finance contract will call the getEGD Price function to calculate the price of EGD when calculating the reward, and the getEGD Price function only calculates the price of EGD by dividing the balance of EGD and USDT in the pair

2. The attacker uses this point to loan a large amount of USDT in the pool first, so that the price of EGD tokens becomes very small after calculation. Therefore, when the claimAllReward function is called to obtain rewards, more rewards will be calculated. As a result, the EGD tokens in the pool were withdrawn unexpectedly

The reason for this incident is that the price feeding mechanism for calculating the rewards when the EGD_Finance contract obtains the rewards is too simple, resulting in the token price being manipulated by the flash loan to make a profit.

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According to PeckShield's analysis on social media, this problem may be caused by the "allowing unlimited minting" vulnerability in the minting function of BGEO (Binance GeoDB Coin). [2022/10/20 16:31:20]

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