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Kevin O’Leary: Doubling down on cryptocurrencies in a downturn



Time:8/5/2022 12:04:31 PM

[Kevin O’Leary: Doubling down on cryptocurrencies during the economic downturn] Golden Finance reported that Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary revealed in an interview that he took advantage of the market downturn to increase his crypto assets. He said his crypto portfolio suffered a double-digit drawdown, but he used it as an opportunity to buy on dips. Crypto investments once made up 20 percent of the portfolio and then grew to 23 percent, he said. And then down to 16% of the portfolio. But he thinks: "In some cases, we doubled down. We took advantage of the extreme volatility and things like ETH, BTC. If you're going to be long, why not buy it?" (The Daily Hodl)

Other news:

Venture capitalist Kevin Rose: Never really saw XRP as a currency: Venture capitalist Kevin Rose said in a recent interview that while Ripple (XRP) would be used as a way to process settlements, he never really saw it as a currency. will be treated as a currency. He also believes that while there is no doubt that the future of money is digital, many crypto projects fail to realize this vision and end up as “garbage.” He explained, “So there’s going to be something that costs money and is easy to understand based on blockchain technology, where 99% of the projects and the people behind them are there for pure financial gain. This leads to a lot of crap. ...which is unfortunate because they really drag down high-quality projects and make the environment very confusing to a large extent." (NewsBTC) [2020/5/18]

News | Public chain Nervos co-founder Kevin was invited to be a guest on Epicenter: According to official news, a few days ago, Nervos Foundation co-founder Kevin was a guest on Epicenter, which is a world-renowned podcast program in the blockchain industry.

In the podcast, Kevin and the anchors had a full discussion on the design concept and vision of the Nervos project, and made a comprehensive outlook on the project's future ecological construction plan and progress.

Epicenter was launched in 2013. It is committed to bringing unique perspectives to industry professionals, while revealing the status quo and industry trends of the blockchain. It has now become one of the well-known podcasts in the industry. The program regularly invites and conducts in-depth interviews with influential business leaders, engineers, scholars and entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry. Gavin Andresen, one of the founders of Bitcoin, and Vitalik, the founder of Ethereum, have all visited Epicenter, and now it has been updated to issue 326. [2020/2/17]

Voice | Researcher Kevin Rook: Crypto industry growing twice as fast as crypto mining: Digital currency researcher Kevin Rooke tweeted that the crypto industry is growing twice as fast as crypto mining. In 2013, 40% of crypto revenue was spent on crypto mining. In 2017, 22% of crypto revenue was spent on crypto mining.

In the past 4 years, the crypto mining industry has still grown by 7500%. [2018/9/28]

El Salvador’s banking platform Galoy launches Bitcoin-backed synthetic dollar

Jinse Finance reported that Galoy.

Block Chain:8/3/2022 2:56:54 AM
Chongqing Daily publishes digital commemorative collections

Jinse Finance reported that in order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Chongqing Da.

Block Chain:8/7/2022 12:07:46 PM
Luxury brand Prada launched a new Timecapsule NFT series

Jinse Finance reported that luxury brand Prada announced the launch of a new Timecapsule N.

Block Chain:8/4/2022 12:02:56 PM
Changpeng Zhao: Cryptocurrencies are high-risk and highly volatile

Golden Finance News.

Block Chain:8/8/2022 12:08:43 PM
Today's panic and greed index is 30, and the level of panic is rising

Golden Finance News, today's panic and greed index is 30 (yesterday's 34).

Block Chain:8/4/2022 2:58:35 AM
Aglaé Ventures will launch a €100 million web3 fund

Jinse Finance reported that Aglaé Ventures.

Block Chain:8/3/2022 2:57:26 AM
Two digital collections of "Creation Badge" and "Bingdi Yuanming" were released in Yuanmingyuan

Jinse Finance reported that Yuanmingyuan released tw.

Block Chain:8/5/2022 12:05:15 PM
ApeCoin community AIP-64 proposes a feasibility study on NFT conferences and festivals

On August 5th, the ApeCoin community released AIP-64.

Block Chain:8/5/2022 12:04:30 PM
The last active-ethexc supply of BTC greater than 10 years has reached an all-time high

Jinse Finance reported that Glassnode data shows that the last active-ethexc suppl.

Block Chain:8/5/2022 12:04:52 PM
Japanese blockchain company Finanche received 770 million yen investment

According to news on August 5, Finanche.

Block Chain:8/5/2022 12:04:53 PM