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The Uniswap community proposes the creation of the Uniswap Foundation and requests $74 million in funding



Time:8/5/2022 12:03:12 PM

[The Uniswap community proposes to create the Uniswap Foundation and requests $74 million in funding] Golden Finance News, Uniswap community Devin Walsh posted on the Uniswap Governance Forum to propose the creation of the Uniswap Foundation, whose mission is to support the Uniswap protocol and the ecosystem and community it supports Decentralized growth and sustainability, with grants to builders, researchers, organizers, academics, analysts, etc. to grow the protocol and plan for its future.

The proposal proposes to form a 12-person team and ask the Uniswap community for a total of $74 million in funding, of which $14 million is the operating budget to cover the entire team for 3 years, and $60 million is used to implement the Uniswap Grant Program (UGP) budget expanded over 3 years. The initial payment is $20 million. At the same time, the proposal also requires 2.5 million UNI to participate in governance, mainly through delegation. By using the new smart contract primitive The Franchiser, this UNI can be revoked by the DAO at any time and cannot be used for any purpose other than governance.

Other news:

Slow Mist: The V God-related address recently sold 3,000 Ethereum on Uniswap: On November 14, according to the monitoring of Slow Mist, the address of Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum (starting with 0xe692), recently sold 3,000 Ethereum in three transactions on Uniswap V3. 1 Ethereum (approximately 4 million US dollars) was converted into USDC. [2022/11/14 13:03:22]

OneUnited Bank will purchase an NFT in tribute to civil rights activist Josephine Baker: News on November 26, OneUnited Bank will sponsor Le Art Noir on December 2, 2021, and will use the NFT "From Paris with Love" created by international artist Addonis Parker , the token pays homage to famous entertainer and civil rights activist Josephine Baker. From Paris with Love NFT collectibles will debut at the “Le Art Noir” event during Art Basel Miami. (PRNewswire) [2021/11/26 12:34:01]

UNI breaks through the $9.3 mark with an intraday increase of 8.49%: Huobi Global data shows that UNI rose short-term and broke through the $9.3 mark, and is now at $9.3072, an intraday increase of 8.49%. The market fluctuates greatly, please do a good job in risk control. [2021/1/23 16:51:17]

Betashares launches Australia's first Metaverse ETF on the ASX

Jinse Finance reported that Australian exchange-traded fund (ETF) provider Betasha.

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Singapore's Global Maritime Decarbonization Center adopts blockchain in biofuel pilot project

According to news on August 6.

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Former Google CEO once praised Bitcoin as a remarkable cryptographic achievement

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Nansen report: NFT will have more than $1 billion reinvested in the ecosystem in 2022.

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Study: Nigeria is the English-speaking country with the most interest in cryptocurrencies in the world

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Foreign media: A developer forged 11 fake identities, and Solana TVL is suspected of being fake over 70%

[Foreign media: A developer forged 11 false identities.

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Tiffany & Co: 250 NFTiffs are all sold out

Jinse Finance reported that the American jewelry brand Tiffany & Co announced that all 250 NFTiffs h.

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