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Security Team: The ANCHStakePool project suffered price manipulation attacks



Time:8/5/2022 12:05:18 PM

[Security Team: ANCHStakePool Project Suffers Price Manipulation Attack] On August 5, information from members of the Chengdu Lianan community showed that the ANCHStakePool project was subject to price manipulation attacks. Chengdu Lianan security team analyzed and found that: the attacker first lent a large amount of USDT from the LP pool through flash loans, which increased the price of USDT. Since the number of reward tokens is positively correlated with the price of USDT, the number of reward tokens issued far exceeds the normal value, and the attacker can obtain more ANCH reward tokens. This time the attacker made a total of 106,931 USDT. Up to now, the attacker has converted 37,872.53 USDT into 120 BNB and transferred them to Tornado.Cash. The remaining 69,058.47 USDT is still stored in the attacker’s address (0x1fb3572e71c48b7c5c9dcb656d545bc29bb92dda) superior. In the future, the Chengdu Lianan Chain Bichai-Virtual Currency Case Intelligent Research and Judgment Platform will continue to monitor and track this address.

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