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Slope: 10% bounty will be paid if attacker returns stolen funds.



Time:8/6/2022 12:05:59 PM

[Slope: If the attacker returns the stolen funds, a 10% bounty will be paid] Golden Finance News, the Solana wallet Slope Wallet, which was exploited for about $5 million earlier this week, announced that if the attacker returns the stolen funds, It will pay 10% of the bounty.

In a tweet, the Slope team released the Solana wallet address and appealed to the thieves with an added incentive: "After receiving these funds, we will make no further efforts to investigate this matter and will not take any legal action."

The team gave the attackers a 48-hour window to return the funds and claim the bounty. It added that it has been working with law enforcement and leading blockchain intelligence firm TRM Labs to recover the stolen funds.

On Tuesday night, an attacker accessed user seed phrases stored in clear text on Slope's central servers and used them to steal cryptocurrency. The exploit affected thousands of users.

Other news:

Slope security incident update: The wallet version on June 24 sent a private key to Sentry, and it is impossible to prove that the root cause lies in Slope: On August 17, Slope announced today the external audit report related to the security incident on August 2. According to the report, the analysis shows that the Slope wallet version released on June 24, 2022 sent a private key or mnemonic phrase to Sentry’s service (the Sentry service involved in the report refers to the Sentry service deployed privately by the Slope team, not officially provided by Sentry interfaces and services). However, from the investigation of the Slope wallet application to the present, it is impossible to clearly prove that the root cause of the incident lies in the Slope wallet, so the SlowMist security team began to analyze and collect evidence on the Slope server, and further evidence is needed to explain the root cause of the incident.

At present, through the analysis of off-chain servers and related back-end services, it is found that no vulnerability points directly intruding into peripheral servers have been found, and no traces of server intrusion have been found. In the analysis of server intrusion traces, no traces of server intrusion were found. However, suspicious IPs (113.*.*.*, 114.*.*.*, 153.*.*.*) still need to be investigated, and no evidence of DNS hijacking was found in the client-server communication. In the on-chain analysis, the risk capital assessment did not find a large amount of transferable risk funds and potential risk funds. As of the publication of this article, the stolen funds had not been moved further. [2022/8/17 12:31:05]

The crypto projects Nomad and Slope that were hacked this week were invested by Circle: Golden Finance News, the venture capital firm of the stablecoin issuer Circle has participated in the two crypto projects that were hacked this week, Nomad and Slope, Circle in February Participated in Slope’s $8 million Series A round, and Nomad’s $22.4 million seed round in April. Earlier this week, nearly $200 million in cross-chain bridge Nomad was stolen, and Solana’s $6 million exploit may be related to the Slope wallet. A Circle spokesperson said Circle's relationship with Nomad and Slope has not caused any financial damage to the company. [2022/8/5 12:03:41]

Solana ecological DeFi platform Apricot Finance announced integration with wallet Slope Finance: official news, Solana ecological DeFi platform Apricot Finance announced integration with decentralized trading platform and wallet Slope Finance, Apricot users will be able to use mobile wallets on Solana to access Lend and X- Farm function.

It is reported that Apricot consists of three products: Lend, X-Farm and Assist. [2021/9/29 17:16:04]

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ETH fell below $1,600, a 24-hour drop of 4.26%

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CFTC forced to close the prediction market PredictIt store in the United States

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Kurtosis announced the completion of $20 million in Series A financing

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