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Fujian Province released the first digital collection industry group standards



Time:8/3/2022 2:57:07 AM

[Fujian Province released the first digital collection industry group standard] On August 3, Fujian Province's first blockchain industry group standard "General Technical Requirements for Blockchain Digital Collections" (draft for comments) was officially released and widely solicited Opinion. The technical standard was released by the Fujian Provincial Blockchain Association, and more than 20 companies including Entropy Chain Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. and Xtep (China) Co., Ltd. participated in the formulation of the standard.

This version of the technical standard sets technical standards for the digital collection industry from multiple perspectives such as blockchain technology selection, life cycle management requirements, digital collection technology storage requirements, and digital collection verification, indicating the future development direction of the industry. This release of the standard "Draft for Comment" aims to invite people of insight in the blockchain and digital collection related industries to participate, put forward valuable opinions, and jointly make suggestions for the construction and development of digital collections, and contribute to the construction of digital China.

Other news:

Voice | Member of the Fujian Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference: To create a good order for the healthy development of blockchain technology and industries: According to news from the People's Political Consultative Conference on January 17, Chen Li, a member of the Fujian Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, said that the blockchain technology in Fujian Province is still in the early stage of development. There are problems such as insufficient theoretical foundation, insufficient application scenarios, and insufficient industry standards and regulatory systems. Chen Li suggested that it is necessary to strengthen technical publicity, fully promote the popularization of applications, and create a good order for the healthy development of blockchain technology and industries. At the same time, deepen the integration of production and education, strengthen cross-industry training and seminars, and actively build a reasonable "blockchain +" compound talent structure; increase policy support, actively carry out cooperation and exchanges, focus on Fujian's advantages, and plan from the provincial level And lead, accelerate the construction of Fuxiaquan comprehensive experimental zone of blockchain economy, create characteristic industrial clusters; formulate industry standards, give play to the self-discipline role of industry associations, alliances and other organizations, establish and improve the blockchain industry supervision system as soon as possible, and serve the whole province The development of the real economy provides strong support. [2020/1/17]

Voice | Zhigong Party Fujian Provincial Committee: It is recommended to increase policy and financial support for blockchain-related enterprises: The Fujian Provincial Committee of Zhigong Party found in the survey that the activity of the blockchain industry in Fujian Province ranks first in the country Seventh, the industrial ecology is relatively diversified, and industry organizations such as associations and alliances are active-ethexc and have a good foundation. In the proposal, the Fujian Provincial Committee of the Zhi Gong Party proposed to increase policy and financial support for blockchain-related enterprises or institutions, use the scientific research capabilities of universities in the province to promote basic research on blockchain technology, and coordinate and strengthen the relationship between related systems. Collaborative cooperation; cultivate a good blockchain industry ecology; establish a sound data supervision and audit system, gather government, industry, university and research forces, focus on data application security technology, establish a blockchain industry statistical monitoring feedback system, keep abreast of industrial development, and strengthen the market Supervision; Incorporate blockchain talents into the development focus of the new talent policy, and actively cultivate and build a high-quality blockchain professional talent team. (Fujian Daily) [2020/1/15]

Policies | Fujian Provincial Office of Non-Government Affairs: Beware of illegal fund-raising activities under the banner of "blockchain" and "virtual currency": According to Fujian Daily, on September 12, the Office of the Leading Group of Fujian Province to Combat and Dispose of Illegal Fund-raising Work issued a statement about Risk reminders to prevent illegal fund-raising activities in the name of financial platform companies. Recently, some criminals have used various financial platforms to issue "virtual currency" by fabricating "high-yield, low-risk" projects under the banner of "One Belt, One Road", "Supporting Sannong", "Financial Innovation" and "Blockchain". "Virtual assets" and "digital assets" and other methods illegally absorb public funds and infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of the public. The provincial non-official office reminds the general public to stay away from illegal financial platforms and beware of illegal fund-raising traps. [2018/9/14]

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