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Glassnode: The ETH burn rate of EIP1559 reached an all-time low



Time:8/4/2022 12:02:24 PM

[Glassnode: The ETH burning rate of EIP1559 has reached the lowest point in history] Jinse Finance reported that according to the latest analysis of the blockchain analysis company Glassnode, the ETH burning rate through EIP1559 has now reached the lowest point in history, and the total amount of burned ETH now only accounts for the total 11% of circulation. With the current launch schedule, Ethereum has only stepped into deflationary territory three times in the past. This means that, compared with all the history after the implementation of the EIP1559 protocol, there is currently a relatively large amount of ETH entering the circulation field. At the time of writing this article, the total amount of Ethereum ETH burned was 2,571,372.4, or about $4,157,523,645.48.

Other news:

Glassnode: The top BTC buyer has "surrendered": Jinse Finance reported that according to the latest report from the blockchain analysis company Glassnode, amidst new geopolitical risks and market uncertainties, the buyers at the highest point of Bitcoin price in November 2021 The family has basically surrendered. The faith of many bitcoin investors, mainly those who bought near the top of the coin's price, will be significantly challenged this week. During the last two and a half months of consolidation, a significant amount of supply was transferred to exchanges by buyers at the top, which was then gradually absorbed by buyers with higher conviction, aggravating the $29,000 to $40,000 price range This behavior reflects a large-scale redistribution event from weak to strong hands. However, many investors who accumulated in the May-July correction took profits on the way back, creating volume nodes around $35,000, $47,000, and $62,000. [2022/3/7 13:41:26]

Glassnode: Despite the weak market, strong players continue to hoard BTC: Jinse Finance reported that according to the latest report from the blockchain analysis company Glassnode, a marking behavior on the Bitcoin market in 2021 is that investors with limited selling history Firm accumulation. Illiquid supply refers to the amount of bitcoin held by on-chain entities relative to the inflows in their ledger history >= 75%. The supply held by these illiquid entities sold off along with much of the market in May. Since then, they have maintained a constant accumulation pressure and are now accumulating coins at a rate of 3.4 times the daily minting. In other words, hoarders are buying up supply at more than three times the rate of new coins being mined every day, which means that the strong players continue to hoard BTC. [2021/12/27 8:06:48]

The Ethereum network has completed the Arrow Glacier upgrade, successfully delaying the difficulty bomb: In the early morning of December 10, at block height 13,773,000, the Ethereum network completed the "Arrow Glacier" upgrade. Arrow Glacier is another network upgrade similar to Muir Glacier. This will consist of only one improvement proposal, pushing the difficulty bomb until next summer to ensure the chain does not freeze, aka an "ice age". [2021/12/10 7:29:54]

Report: The merger may promote Ethereum to become a "global institutional asset"

Golden Finance reported that a recent Bloomberg Intelligence res.

Block Chain:8/4/2022 12:01:45 PM
Ethereum has processed over 44 million contracts since launch

On August 5th.

Block Chain:8/5/2022 12:04:56 PM
Ethereum network gas fee has been reduced to 4 gwei

On August 6, according to Etherscan data.

Block Chain:8/6/2022 12:06:32 PM
DFINITY launches IC Beta version directly integrated with Bitcoin network

On August 5th.

Block Chain:8/5/2022 12:04:11 PM has been registered as a virtual asset service provider in Italy

Golden Finance News.

Block Chain:8/5/2022 12:03:08 PM
Upbit released the position information of the Korea Association of Digital Asset Exchanges on the review of the security attributes of some virtual assets

[Upbit releases information on the position of the Korea Digital Asset Exchange Association (DAXA) on the re...

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The transaction volume of Azuki series NFT has increased by 200% in the past 24 hours

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Block Chain:8/7/2022 12:07:26 PM