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deBridge co-founder: Never open attachments without verifying the sender's full email address



Time:8/6/2022 12:06:23 PM

[deBridge co-founder: Never open attachments without verifying the sender's full email address] According to news on August 6, Alex Smirnov, co-founder of the cross-chain bridge deBridge, tweeted that deBridge Finance has become a cyber attack. Missed targets, the attack vector was via email, most likely by the Lazarus Group (suspected North Korean hacking group), these types of attacks seem to be common. Alex Smirnov warns against opening email attachments without verifying the sender's full email address.

Other news:

DeBank is suspected to launch the public chain DeBank Chain: On January 6, the one-stop DeFi wallet DeBank officially posted on social media DeBankChain? , it is suspected that a public chain will be launched.

Jinse Finance previously reported that DeBank, a one-stop DeFi wallet, announced on December 28 that it had completed a US$25 million equity financing at a valuation of US$200 million. This round of financing was led by Sequoia China, Dragonfly, HashGlobal, Youbi, Coinbase Venture, Crypto .com, Circle, and Ledger participated in the investment. [2022/1/6 8:29:34]

The DeFi whale 0xb1 rewarded DeBank with 5 ETH: DeFi whale user 0xb1 rewarded DeBank's Ethereum address debanker.eth with 5 ETH to thank the debank asset overview function for quickly integrating multiple DeFi protocols.

According to previous news, trader Nick Chong picked out the DeFi whale 0xb1 according to the address "0xB1AdceddB2941033a090dD166a462fe1c2029484". 0xb1's DeFi token holdings accounted for as high as 99%. $111,000 worth of Ethereum has been spent on transaction fees (gas fees). [2021/1/11 15:51:39]

Live | Kodebox CEO Gwangyeol Seo: The processing speed of Ethereum has not improved: Jinse Finance live report, on December 20, Kodebox CEO Gwangyeol Seo pointed out in a speech at the Golden Salon Korea station hosted by Jinse Finance that Ethereum is technically There are many advantages, but there has been no improvement in processing speed from last year to this year. He said that the reason why large exchanges can conduct fast Ethereum transactions is that the Ethereum network is not actually used at the time of transaction, but only mapped. [2018/12/20]

Perpetual Protocol proposes to introduce voting escrow model and update growth plan

According to news on August 3.

Block Chain:8/3/2022 2:57:08 AM
Messari: There will be nearly 1,200 financing transactions in the encryption industry in the first half of 2022, with a total amount exceeding US$30 billion

[Messari: The encryption industry has nearly 1,200 financing transactions in the first half of 2022.

Block Chain:8/5/2022 12:04:18 PM
Bitcoin Miner Riot Blockchain Awarded Millions for Reducing Energy Consumption

Jinse Finance reported that Bitcoi.

Block Chain:8/5/2022 12:05:01 PM
Celsius makes new offer to hire its ex-CFO for $92k a month to help resolve bankruptcy proceedings

【Celsius made a new proposal to hire its former CFO for $92.

Block Chain:8/4/2022 12:01:50 PM
Cobo launches DeFi as a Service product Cobo Argus

Jinjin Finance News.

Block Chain:8/4/2022 5:21:48 AM
Shanghai Virtual Sports Open and Berry Tower Sports Metaverse opens

Jinse Finance reported that according to the official public account of Shangh.

Block Chain:8/6/2022 12:06:18 PM
Hut 8 signed a cooperation agreement with Foundry

Jinse Finance reported that digital asset mining company Hut 8 Mining Corp (NASDAQ: HUT) has signe.

Block Chain:8/3/2022 2:57:23 AM
Argo Blockchain mined 219 bitcoins or bitcoin equivalents in July, up 22% month-on-month

According to news on August 5.

Block Chain:8/5/2022 12:05:00 PM
Hedge Fund CEO: The current trading price of Bitcoin is far below its actual fair value

According to news on August 4.

Block Chain:8/4/2022 12:02:02 PM