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1inch's total transaction volume exceeded 200 billion US dollars



Time:8/6/2022 12:05:51 PM

On August 6th, according to Dune Analytics data, the total historical transaction volume of the decentralized trading platform (DEX) aggregator 1inch has exceeded 200 billion U.S. dollars, and as of now it is 200,055,691,750 U.S. dollars (previously The 7-day transaction volume exceeded 1.2 billion US dollars).

In addition, the current transaction volume of 1inch Token Swap has reached 6,845,673, and the total number of users exceeds 1.4 million (1,404,619).

Other news:

1inch Network integrated derivatives platform Opium: Jinse Finance News, 1inch Network officially announced the integration with the derivatives platform Opium, which will enable users to directly use the Opium derivatives pool in 1inch. Sergej Kunz, co-founder of 1inch Network, said: "Crypto derivatives are a promising market segment in the DeFi field, and the cooperation with Opium will open up new opportunities for 1inch users." (Medium) [2022/6/9 4: 14:34]

Slow Mist: Furucombo’s stolen funds have changed, and 1inch has been used many times for exchange: According to Slow Mist MistTrack, the address (0xb624E2...76B212) of the hacker who attacked Furucombo on February 28 has changed today. The hacker exchanged 342 GRO, 69 cWBTC, and 17 million cUSDC into 282 ETH through 1inch, and transferred 147 ETH from Compound to his own address. As of now, the balance of the hacker’s address is about 1.7 million US dollars, and the balance of another hacker’s address is about 12 million. Dollar. [2021/3/3 18:12:14]

1inch added AAVE Liquidator as a liquidity source: On November 28th, tweeted that it had added Aave Liquidator as a liquidity source for 1inch. From now on, 1inch will start clearing token swap transactions by considering gas cost and can offer the absolute best price in the DEX market. [2020/11/28 22:25:02]

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