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Mastercard to Launch Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Rewards Card in Australia



Time:8/5/2022 12:05:11 PM

[MasterCard will launch Bitcoin and cryptocurrency reward card in Australia] Jinse Finance reported that Bitcoin Magazine tweeted that MasterCard will launch a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency reward card in Australia.

Other news:

Mastercard will partner with three Asian crypto companies to launch cryptocurrency payment cards: Nov. 9, according to Forbes Platform Coinjar cooperation. The partnership aims to launch cryptocurrency-related credit, debit and prepaid cards for individuals and businesses in the Asia-Pacific region. Cardholders can instantly convert Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into fiat currency, which can then be spent online or offline at any merchant that accepts Mastercard.

In a statement, Mastercard said the partnership comes at a time when interest in cryptocurrencies in the Asia-Pacific region is surging to record highs. The U.S. payments giant found in its latest survey that 45 percent of consumers in the region are considering using digital currencies in the next year, higher than the global average of 40 percent. [2021/11/9 21:37:46]

Voice | The founder of Morgan Creek said that Visa and Mastercard's withdrawal from Libra was too much political pressure: Anthony Pompliano, the founder of Morgan Creek, just tweeted that Visa and Mastercard had just withdrawn from the Libra Association in response to Visa and Mastercard's withdrawal from the Libra project. The political pressure is too great for business to handle. Bitcoin's decentralized, leaderless model is the only way for a non-sovereign global digital currency to succeed. [2019/10/12]

Visa and MasterCard can directly purchase Bitcoin: It is understood that Bitcoin Romania, the largest Bitcoin exchange in Eastern Europe, has cooperated with Twispay, a Swiss payment transaction processing service provider, to launch a payment integration service that allows its customers to use Visa and MasterCard to directly purchase Bitcoin. Encrypted digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. [2017/12/15]

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