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Rari Capital attackers made $5 million in Nomad incident and transferred funds to TornadoCash



Time:8/4/2022 3:23:25 AM

[Rari Capital attackers made $5 million profit in the Nomad incident and transferred the funds to TornadoCash] On August 4, Paidun monitoring data showed that the hacker-related addresses 0x72ccbb and 0x76f455 of the Rari Capital (Arbitrum) theft incident were in Nomad The cross-chain bridge attack made a profit of 5 million US dollars, and the funds were transferred to 0x72ccbb, and then mixed through TornadoCash.

According to previous reports, Paidun tweeted that one of the Nomad cross-chain bridge attackers was the hacker of the theft of Rari Capital, and made a profit of about $3 million in the Nomad attack.

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