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Polygon intends to distribute nearly 1.4 billion unclaimed MATIC tokens to teams, foundations and staking rewards



Time:8/2/2022 2:53:21 AM

[Polygon intends to distribute nearly 1.4 billion unclaimed MATIC tokens to teams, foundations and pledge rewards] On August 2, according to Polygon’s official Telegram Unclaimed, the Polygon Foundation will claim the tokens. Among them, 640 million MATICs (6.40%) will be allocated to the team, and will be directly pledged by the co-founders after claiming; 546,609,632 MATICs (5.46%) will be allocated to the foundation, and the team will update the community in advance about the movement of the foundation wallet; 200 million MATIC (2%) will be allocated for staking rewards from May 2021 to December 2021.

Earlier news, Blockworks researcher Sam found that the Polygon token attribution contract released about 1.4 billion MATIC 9 hours ago, accounting for 14% of the total supply. Polygon Lianchuang Sandeep stated that the movement and pledge of nearly 1.4 billion MATICs is related to the foundation treasury plan and is not unlocked by contract.

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The game platform GameSwift and Polygon cooperate to build a "decentralized version of Steam" chain game tool: Jinse Finance reported that the game platform GameSwift announced a cooperation with Polygon, and the two parties will build a "decentralized version of Steam" chain game for developers and game studios Tools designed to facilitate the integration of Web2 games into Web3 environments. GameSwift, formerly StarTerra, is expanding its capabilities to provide a mature network for Web3 game projects, and its partnership with Polygon will allow it to build a game chain based on the Polygon Edge framework. (globenewswire) [2022/8/24 12:44:35]

News | Netcoins cooperates with Polymath to provide over-the-counter trading services: According to bitcoinexchangeguide, the cryptocurrency brokerage service company Netcoins announced that it will cooperate with the blockchain company Polymath to provide OTC trading services for its token issuers. According to CoinMarketCap, the global average price of Polymath (POLY) is now $0.2132, an increase of 9.78% in 24 hours. [2018/10/10]

News | Apollo tweeted and refused to list HitBTC McAfee reposted and supported: Apollo Currency’s official Twitter stated that although it was previously confirmed that Apollo will be listed on the exchange HitBTC, due to a large number of users’ allegations of fraud on the exchange, the team decided to The community is safe to pass up this opportunity. Subsequently, John McAfee forwarded the tweet and called on netizens to support Apollo and boycott HitBTC. [2018/9/7]

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