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Data privacy platform Aleo will launch Testnet 3 in three phases, Phase 1 for developers has started



Time:8/3/2022 2:54:55 AM

[Data privacy platform Aleo will launch testnet 3 in three stages, and the first stage for developers has been launched] On August 3, the data privacy platform Aleo announced the launch of Aleo testnet 3 in three stages, Aleo testnet 3 It is divided into 3 phases. Phase 1 has been launched for developers; Phase 2 was launched in September for provers; Phase 3 was launched in October for proof verifiers. Aleo will distribute 25 million Aleo Points (ALEO) to the developer, prover, and validator communities in 3 phases of Testnet 3. Aleo developers and enthusiasts are also encouraged to participate in the upcoming bug bounty program.

New features of Aleo Testnet 3 include: Deployment and execution of programs on Aleo Virtual Machine (AVM), Proof of Coinbase Puzzle (PoSW) to generate new credits, Batch proof and verification on Marlin + Plookup proof system, Support for using FROST Threshold signature multi-signature wallet, etc.

According to previous news, in February this year, Aleo Systems Inc completed a US$200 million Series B financing, and a16z and others participated in the investment.

Other news:

More than 20 organizations have jointly established the Data Privacy Protocol Alliance: Jinse Finance reported that more than 20 companies and organizations around the world have jointly established the Data Privacy Protocol Alliance (DPPA). The DPPA said on Wednesday that it intends to build a decentralized, blockchain-based data system that it hopes will compete with data monopolies such as Google or Facebook by allowing users to control their own data. Specifically, the announcement states that the Data Privacy Protocol Alliance will develop a set of guidelines and specifications for a version of CasperLabs’ layer-one blockchain optimized for data sharing, data storage, data ownership, and data monetization. [2021/5/7 21:31:34]

A16z leads data privacy platform Aleo’s $28 million Series A round: Jinse Finance reports that in order to launch a programmable data privacy platform, startup Aleo has received $28 million in Series A financing led by venture capital firm a16z (Andreesen Horowitz) , Placeholder VC, Galaxy Digital, Variant Fund and Coinbase Ventures participated in the investment. [2021/4/21 20:41:28]

Aleo Launches Data Privacy-Oriented Blockchain and Developer Toolkit: Golden Finance reports that privacy technology company Aleo has launched a data privacy-oriented blockchain and developer toolkit to enable writing zero-knowledge proofs in web applications made easy and scalable. The company is releasing the first round of software tools that allow developers to write private applications for the Web using a new programming language called Leo and integrate the tools into pre-existing browser functionality. [2020/9/25]

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