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El Salvador's ambassador to the United States: will invest $6 billion in Bitcoin in El Salvador through Bank To The Future



Time:7/31/2022 2:48:32 AM

[El Salvador’s ambassador to the United States: Will invest $6 billion in Bitcoin in El Salvador through Bank To The Future] Golden Finance reported that Bitcoin Magazine stated on social media that the El Salvador’s ambassador to the United States said that he would invest in El Salvador’s Bitcoin through the global platform Bank To The Future. Invest $6 billion in Bitcoin.

Other news:

Stacy Herbert: El Salvador only spent $100 million on BTC to gain a brand value of $1 billion: Jinse Finance reported that Bitcoin Archive tweeted that Stacy Herbert, a cryptocurrency supporter, said that El Salvador only spent $100 million on BTC, but Gained a brand value worth billions of dollars. Most importantly, gain economic sovereignty for fiscal and financial stability. [2022/8/16 12:29:07]

Governor of the Central Bank of El Salvador: Bitcoin Adoption Will Not Affect El Salvador's Negotiations with the IMF: October 19 News, El Salvador Central Reserve Bank Governor Douglas Rodriguez refuted claims that the country's adoption of Bitcoin as a legal tender will undermine international currencies Concerns about the IMF's $1.3 billion lending program. As Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, Rodriguez said the central bank does not see any risks associated with bitcoin law even as it prepares to obtain a loan extension from the International Monetary Fund. In fact, the central bank described El Salvador’s bitcoin law as only “risky to the upside,” with Rodriguez suggesting that a bitcoin bull run could help the country’s economy grow more than 9 percent above its original forecast. According to Rodriguez, the central bank has explained to the IMF that “Bitcoin is just a payment method.” (Cointelegraph) [2021/10/19 20:41:03]

El Salvador’s $150 Million Bitcoin Trust Fund Approved by Parliament: On August 31, the El Salvador Parliament approved a $150 million Bitcoin trust fund. The trust fund aims to guarantee the convertibility between bitcoin and the US dollar to hedge against the impact of price fluctuations on the people of El Salvador. (Bitcoin Magazine) [2021/8/31 22:49:47]

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