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Zhou Hongyi: We must find an application scenario to promote Metaverse



Time:8/1/2022 2:50:23 AM

[Zhou Hongyi: You must find an application scenario to promote the Metaverse] According to news on August 1, Zhou Hongyi, the founder of 360 Group, said in an interview with "Chinese Entrepreneur" that he has two views on the Metaverse. First, the digital twin transforms the world into a world that can be calculated, and turns a world where communication is difficult into a world where communication is easy, helping the real world to solve problems. Second, to promote the Metaverse, we must find an application scenario. Zuckerberg Horizon Worlds is all about solving the meeting problem. But what mistake did he make? I don't think the Metaverse necessarily needs VR, because there are still relatively few people who have VR today, and the threshold should be lowered, and it can be used with computers, pads, and mobile phones.

In addition, the metaverse does not necessarily have to be 3D, and requires a lot of computing power. Raja Koduri, senior vice president of Intel Corporation, said that to really simulate the world, the current computing power is still 1,000 times worse.

Other news:

Voice | 360 Zhou Hongyi commented on Facebook’s coin issuance: Facebook will now control everyone’s property: According to Mars Finance News, 360 founder Zhou Hongyi recently commented on Facebook’s release of the cryptocurrency Libra, saying that “in the future, many government powers will be taken away by Internet companies. ...Zuckerberg will build his own multi-billion-person online nation". Zhou Hongyi said that Facebook has not only controlled public opinion, but is now about to control everyone's property. [2019/6/27]

Voice | Zhou Hongyi: It is difficult to cultivate interdisciplinary talents who understand blockchain: Zhou Hongyi, chairman and CEO of 360 Group, recently pointed out that a person who understands the catering industry, tourism industry, transportation industry, AI and blockchain People are hard to raise. Ali’s class committee system can be used for reference. When everyone enters the deep water area of the Internet and needs cross-border talents, the company implements a partner mechanism, and the company’s top level also has a partner mechanism. Data people come together to solve cross-border talent problems in a collaborative way. [2018/11/12]

Voice | Zhou Hongyi: There is no system that cannot be broken, and so is the blockchain system: In the 2018-07-04 issue of "Twenty People in the Ten Years of Wu Xiaobo Channel", the chairman of Qihoo 360 attended as a guest. Regarding the blockchain, Zhou Hongyi also expressed his "doubts", suggesting that when the blockchain system is not secure enough, it will "damage the confidence of the entire industry". Zhou Hongyi learned from experience that there is no system that cannot be broken. No matter how perfect the system is, as long as it is designed to be complex enough, there must be loopholes. "The more complex, the more loopholes." [2018/7/6]

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