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Textbook publisher Pearson plans to use NFT to track digital textbook sales



Time:8/3/2022 2:56:03 AM

[Textbook publisher Pearson plans to use NFT to track digital textbook sales] According to news on August 3, textbook publisher Pearson revealed that it plans to use NFT to track digital textbook sales and effectively "weaken the secondary market."

According to a Bloomberg report on August 1, Pearson CEO Andy Bird wants to add NFT to its electronic textbooks to better track sales and capture revenue previously lost in the second-hand market. Bird hopes the company can use NFTs to earn commissions from used textbook sales. He noted that Pearson's textbooks are typically resold seven times during their lifetime. (Cointelegraph)

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Chainlink joins the UNESCO Global Education Alliance: On February 3, Chainlink announced that it has joined the UNESCO Global Education Alliance. Chainlink will publicly provide educational resources and development plans to promote smart contract education internationally. (AMBCrypto) [2021/2/3 18:49:04]

Chainlink announced to join the UNESCO Global Education Alliance: Chainlink officially joined the UNESCO Global Education Alliance to enhance the international community's awareness and understanding of blockchain, smart contracts, and oracle technology. Chainlink will open educational resources and development programs to the public and institutions around the world to help them acquire knowledge and skills to properly apply blockchain technology and universally connected smart contracts to improve living standards and social cohesion. Chainlink will also allocate some educational resources and funds from the community incentive plan, including teaching materials and developer resources, to help everyone learn how to develop universally connected smart contracts, award bonuses for projects with social impact, and hold multiple sessions Hackathon, incentivizing developers around the world to adopt universally connected smart contracts to achieve economic fairness. It is reported that Chainlink will jointly release an education and development initiative with UNESCO. The initiative is currently being formulated. The main four contents include: 1. Developer tutorials; 2. Community incentive bonuses; 3. Hackathon; 4. Popular science series blog post. [2021/2/1 18:37:05]

Voice | UNESCO expert: Blockchain technology is of great value to education and employment: According to China Economic Net, Dr. Xu Hongwei, an expert of the UNESCO OECD Education Quality Test (China) Expert Group, said in an interview recently: "Blockchain The transparency of the chain system and the data cannot be tampered with, etc., are fully applicable to the management of student credit information, employment, academics, qualification certification, industry-university cooperation, etc., and are of great value to the healthy development of education and employment.” [2018/9 /28]

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