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Crust, Kakao's subsidiary, plans to launch the Metaverse Project Altverse for freelancers



Time:8/2/2022 2:53:39 AM

[Kakao subsidiary Crust plans to launch Metaverse Project Altverse for freelancers] According to news on August 2, Crust, a blockchain subsidiary of South Korean Internet giant Kakao, is building an ecosystem called Project Altverse and has started recruiting relevant developers. . In this ecosystem, freelancers can produce and distribute content-ethexc on the Metaverse platform and earn cryptocurrency-based rewards.

The work of the developers of this working group also includes the use of encrypted wallets to achieve user experience, so it is expected that the related ecosystem reward system will be based on blockchain ecosystems such as cryptocurrencies. In this regard, a Kakao related person said that the metaverse project plans to support the economic activities of freelancers, and the specific professional groups it will target have not yet been determined, and it is still in the planning stage. (MTN)


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