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Encrypted loan aggregation platform FujiDAO integrates Connext to expand cross-chain functions



Time:8/2/2022 2:52:53 AM

[Encrypted loan aggregation platform FujiDAO integrates Connext to expand cross-chain functions] According to news on August 2, the encrypted loan aggregation platform FujiDAO announced that it has expanded its cross-chain functions through integration with Connext. By leveraging Connext, developers can gain trust-minimized cross-chain communication to make blockchains composable. The Connext Bridge app is built on Connext's Nxtp protocol. Connext Bridge supports asset transfers between L2 and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible chains.

It is reported that the FujiDAO application is already running on the Ethereum and Fantom networks, and will soon be available on Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism. (Cryptoninjas)

Other news:

Encrypted lending company BlockFi lowers the interest rate of BTC and other interest accounts (BIA), which will take effect on July 1: Official news, encrypted lending company BlockFi stated that it will continue to set interest rates according to the market dynamics of lending. BIA) clients implement sound risk management policies and maximize profit opportunities. Recently, interest rates in the crypto lending market have been lower than in previous quarters. Therefore, BlockFi announced a rate cut to reflect the current market conditions, making the following adjustments for BTC and ETH:

BTC: 4% APY for 0-0.25 BTC, 1.5% APY for 0.25-5 BTC, 0.25% APY for more than 5 BTC;

ETH: 4% APY for 0-5 ETH, 1.5% APY for 5-50 ETH, 0.25% APY for more than 50 ETH.

In addition, BlockFi also lowered the interest rates of LINK, LTC, PAXG, USD stablecoins BUSD, GUSD, PAX, USDC, and USDT. The new rates will come into effect on July 1. [2021/6/26 0:07:58]

News | Foreign media: MasterCard has approved Europe's first encrypted debit card: According to Blog.Coinspectator, MasterCard has approved Europe's first encrypted debit card. Tap n Go (Tap) has partnered with Transact Payments Limited (TPL) to offer the TapPrepaidMastercard®, which allows customers to use the encrypted assets held by Tap in the scenario of accepting Mastercard consumption. It is reported that Tap n Go has applied for a DLT license from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission and is currently under review. [2019/4/30]

Voice | Russian Deputy Minister of Finance: Encrypted debit card transactions are legal in Russia: According to, Russian Deputy Minister of Finance Alexei Moiseev stated that the use of encrypted currency debit cards to pay for goods and services is not in line with Russian law. Contradictory, he believed that the transactions were legitimate because the sellers received money in Russian rubles. Alexei Moiseev also said that the crypto industry has changed in a positive direction. [2019/1/19]

Crust, Kakao's subsidiary, plans to launch the Metaverse Project Altverse for freelancers

According to news on August 2, Crust.

Block Chain:8/2/2022 2:53:39 AM
Crypto exchange FTX US plans to launch options trading

According to news on July 31.

Block Chain:7/31/2022 2:49:19 AM
Messari acquires crypto funding database Dove Metrics

On August 2, Messari, an encrypted data analysis and research organization.

Block Chain:8/3/2022 2:54:45 AM
NFT sales on the Ethereum chain in July slightly exceeded $500 million, a 12-month low

[NFT sales on the Ethereum chain in July slightly exceeded 500 million US dollars.

Block Chain:8/1/2022 2:50:42 AM
Twitter has issued dozens of subpoenas to investigate Musk's motives for breaking the contract.

According to news on August 3.

Block Chain:8/3/2022 2:55:17 AM
Gym Class, a sports metaverse start-up company, completed a $8 million seed round of financing, led by a16z

[Sports metaverse start-up company Gym Class completes $8 million in seed round financing.

Block Chain:8/3/2022 2:55:04 AM
OpenSea NFT gifting feature has "mismarked as a purchase transaction" issue.

Jinse Finance reported that according to d.

Block Chain:8/3/2022 2:55:03 AM
Analysis: Nomad attackers use the contract process function to extract

Jinjin Finance News, at noon on August 2, Beijing time.

Block Chain:8/2/2022 2:53:05 AM