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Analysis: Nomad attackers use the contract process function to extract



Time:8/2/2022 2:53:05 AM

[Analysis: Nomad attackers use contract process function to extract] Jinjin Finance News, at noon on August 2, Beijing time, public opinion monitoring of Chengdu Lianan Chain Bing-Blockchain Security Situational Awareness Platform showed that the cross-chain communication protocol Nomad was attacked , Chengdu Lianan security team will now share the analysis results as follows. Through the transfer transactions of the attacked contract (0x88a69b4e698a4b090df6cf5bd7b2d47325ad30a3), we can see that many addresses have been attacked. By finding a related transaction, we can see that the attacker used the process function in the contract (0xb36f6479b1aa5582ce862bfb6eb94591e1b0e0b977188c2e8ca85699efcd6183) to extract.

In the process function, you can see that the contract has judged _messageHash, and when the input messages[_messageHash] is 0x000000...., it is equivalent to any unused hash and can be judged to pass. Then follow up the acceptableRoot function, because _root is set to zero (x000000....), and confirmAt[_root] is equal to 1, resulting in a constant judgment and the attacker can withdraw funds. The Chengdu Lianan Lianbizhui platform will monitor the stolen funds in real time.

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