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British man James Howells plans to build a robot dog to find the hard drive of the lost BTC



Time:7/31/2022 2:48:58 AM

[British man James Howells plans to build a robot dog to find the hard drive of the lost BTC] Golden Finance reported that the British man James Howells mistakenly discarded his hard drive, which contained 8000 BTC. The 36-year-old has reportedly come up with an $11 million master plan involving robotic dogs and artificial intelligence-powered machines to retrieve his lost belongings, worth an estimated $169 million so far. They should explore the area in a way that does not harm the natural landscape. By his calculations, the search-ethexc could take as long as three years. These machines will dig up trash and prepare landfills for exploration. Then, 24-hour CCTV cameras, robotic dogs and artificial intelligence machines will sweep the area day and night until the hard drive is found. After the mission is complete, the team will clean up the dump and recycle the trash.

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Chief Economist of the Bank of England: Digital currency may reduce the demand for negative interest rates: Golden Finance reported that Andy Haldane, chief economist of the Bank of England, said that digital currency may alleviate the demand for negative interest rates. Haldane believes that digital currencies can improve financial stability. [2020/11/19 21:16:54]

FCA Study: UK Cryptocurrency Holders Reach 2.6 Million: On June 30, the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published the results of a new study into how consumers interact with the UK crypto market. The study found that 1.9 million people (equivalent to 3.86% of adults over the age of 18) currently hold cryptocurrencies, up from 3% in the 2019 FCA Consumer Research Report. This brings the total number of UK consumers holding cryptocurrencies up from 1.5 million to 2.6 million. In addition to the significant rise in the number of crypto users, awareness of the industry appears to be on the rise: 73% of adults have heard of cryptocurrencies, compared to 42% last year. (Cointelegraph)[2020/6/30]

British online music websites and music stores accept NANO payments: According to Ambcrypto, the owner of a British online music website recently announced on Reddit that it accepts NANO as a payment method and can enjoy discounts. A music store owner also announced that before June 18th, he will get a 15% discount when paying with NANO. [2018/6/5]

OpenSea NFT gifting feature has "mismarked as a purchase transaction" issue.

Jinse Finance reported that according to d.

Block Chain:8/3/2022 2:55:03 AM
Analysis: Nomad attackers use the contract process function to extract

Jinjin Finance News, at noon on August 2, Beijing time.

Block Chain:8/2/2022 2:53:05 AM
There are more than 400 Web3 Foundation Grant funding projects

Jinse Finance reported that according to Polkadot’s official news.

Block Chain:8/2/2022 2:52:57 AM
The cream finance flash loan attacker transferred 1473 ETH

On August 3, according to PeckShield monitoring.

Block Chain:8/3/2022 2:55:28 AM
Memorandum of Understanding between Dubai Blockchain Center and Chaintech Labs Ltd

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Wom Music opens an appointment event and distributes 10,000 avatars

According to official news.

Block Chain:8/2/2022 2:52:40 AM
The total amount of ETH open interest options in July exceeded 7 billion US dollars

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Block Chain:8/1/2022 2:50:39 AM
The Crown Prince of Dubai will serve as the chairman of the Higher Committee of Future Technology and Digital Economy to promote the development of metaverse and other technologies

[The Crown Prince of Dubai will serve as the chairman of the Future Technology and Digital Economy Higher Co...

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StellaSwap cooperates with Axelar Network to bring cross-chain applications to Moonbeam Network

On July 30, according to official news.

Block Chain:7/30/2022 2:48:20 AM