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Zimbabwe launches blockchain and digital asset special economic zone



Time:8/1/2022 2:51:20 AM

[Zimbabwe launches blockchain and digital asset special economic zone] On August 1st, Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa launched the high-tech park Zimm Cyber City, which was established by the UAE investor Mulk International'l with a US$500 million investment. , Emmerson Mnangagwa has granted it an exclusive license to establish a blockchain and digital asset special economic zone. Adnan Ul Mulk, Vice-Chairman of Mulk International, said: "Mulk International has worked hard to understand the market, gain a deep understanding of Zimbabwe's culture and its rich opportunities. The depth of resources across industries and advanced digital capabilities provide Zim Cyber City with concrete long-term growth prospects.

Other news:

Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister: Can’t Escape Cryptocurrencies: Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube recently told his government colleagues that it is now impossible to escape from cryptocurrencies, Golden Finance reports. Zimbabwe is ready to back down on cryptocurrencies. According to the Herald report, Ncube also hinted that his ministry is now willing to make certain concessions on cryptocurrencies. However, unlike his recent comments that simply praised cryptocurrencies, Ncube insisted that these currencies must not be treated as money. But our view is that we don't want it to be a currency. Hope this is an investment class. So, with the platform of the Victoria Falls Stock Exchange, we will try to create there cryptocurrency-based products that are circled within the boundaries of the offshore zone. (news bitcoin) [2021/10/17 20:34:54]

Finance Minister of Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe is exploring making cryptocurrency an asset class: On September 16, Zimbabwe’s finance minister said: Zimbabwe is exploring making cryptocurrency an asset class, and Zimbabwe will not use cryptocurrency as a transaction currency. [2021/9/16 23:29:05]

The Central Bank of Zimbabwe proposed a regulatory sandbox to review encryption companies: Josephat Mutepfa, deputy director of the RBZ financial market and national payment system at the Central Bank of Zimbabwe, recently stated that RBZ has begun to propose a financial technology framework to guide the operation of financial technology companies. According to reports, the framework is a regulatory sandbox through which cryptocurrency companies must undergo scrutiny. (Pindula)[2020/3/16]

Today's panic and greed index is 31, and the level of panic has increased.

Golden Finance News.

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Shiga Prefecture, Japan launches digital currency "Biwako" to promote local development

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Only 1.13 billion SHIB has been burned in the past 7 days

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MagicEden: It is suspected that there is a SOL vulnerability that can steal Phantom wallet assets, reminding users to revoke suspicious link permissions

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The P2E game Deviants' Factions will be migrated to Immutable X

According to official news.

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