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Report: Central African Republic Asks Regional Central Banks to Help Develop Crypto Regulations



Time:8/1/2022 2:50:17 AM

[Report: Central African Republic Asks Regional Central Bank to Assist in Developing Crypto Regulations] Golden Finance reported that a new report stated that the Central African Republic recently asked the region’s central bank to assist in developing a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. The report also said that the Central African Republic had expressed "commitment to the single currency and respect for the charter of the Bank of Central African States". The report also added that Herve Ndoba of the Bank of Central African States (BCAS) and the Minister of Finance and Budget of the Central African Republic (CAR) both signed statements indicating their commitment to work together again. (

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Report: Crypto tweets do not affect cryptocurrency prices: According to a recent report by BDCenter, cryptocurrency influencers and tweets do not affect Bitcoin prices. When people start tweeting about a coin more often, it’s because its price has changed, and vice versa, the report said. Additionally, the report shows that among crypto Twitter influencers, Morgan Creek founder Anthony Pompliano has the highest level of engagement. [2020/11/6 11:46:46]

Analysis | Report: China is the biggest threat to the cryptocurrency Bitcoin: According to cointelegraph, a research team composed of professors from Princeton University and others analyzed China’s threat to the Bitcoin network and concluded that China not only has threats to the Bitcoin network The various capabilities to carry out the attack, as well as the motivation for carrying it out. According to the researchers, the Chinese government claims that it can launch 19 attacks using its overwhelming advantage. The weakness of bitcoin anonymity and double payment can be exploited, which can damage the credibility of bitcoin on the one hand, and demonstrate the strength of the Chinese government on the other hand. The research team also noted that the Chinese government has incentives to carry out such attacks. [2018/10/10]

Report: Fintech Blockchain Market Value to Reach $6.23 Billion by 2023: According to a newly released report, the Fintech Blockchain Market is analyzed by vendor, application, organization size, vertical and region It is predicted that its market value will reach 6.2282 billion US dollars by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 75.9%. Key factors driving the fintech blockchain market include its high compatibility with the financial industry ecosystem, faster transaction speeds, lower overall cost of ownership, and rising cryptocurrency market caps and ICOs. [2018/6/8]

Filecoin Foundation launches $1M grant program with Filecoin Green to support ReFi

On August 2, Filecoin Green.

Block Chain:8/2/2022 2:53:54 AM
86 million USDT transferred from unknown wallet to Binance

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Block Chain:7/31/2022 2:49:49 AM
Lime and Salesforce: No partnership with Helium.

Jinjin Finance News.

Block Chain:8/1/2022 2:50:34 AM
Upfront Ventures Raises $650M for Three New Funds

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The Zhangjiang Yuan Universe Innovation and Development Alliance was established in Shanghai, and the Zhang Jiang Yuan Universe ecology has covered 2,400 companies

[Shanghai established the Zhangjiang Yuan Universe Innovation and Development Alliance, and the Zhangjiang Y...

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The weekly comprehensive value index of digital collections is 51.50 points

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Block Chain:8/2/2022 2:54:05 AM
Premier League Everton Football Club launches digital jersey NFT

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Block Chain:8/3/2022 2:54:47 AM