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South African professor accuses central banker of spreading misinformation that damages cryptocurrency industry



Time:8/3/2022 2:56:24 AM

[South African professor accuses central bank officials of spreading misinformation that damages the cryptocurrency industry] Jinse Finance reported that South African professor Steven Boykey Sidley called the deputy governor of the South African Central Bank’s statement that “90% of cryptocurrency transactions” are illegal as “nonsense.” . The professor also accused senior central bank officials of spreading inaccurate information and "causing immeasurable damage to an important new industry". (

Other news:

South African exchange VALR received $3.4 million in financing, which will be used for business expansion: South Africa’s largest bitcoin exchange VALR received 57 million rand (approximately $3.4 million) for further expansion, led by BitMEX parent Company 100xGroup. Established in June 2019, VALR mainly provides Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple transactions based on the South African legal tender, the Nantes. According to estimates by crypto market analysis firm Arcane Research, 13 percent of internet users in South Africa own cryptocurrencies, double the global average of 7 percent. (Coindesk)[2020/7/21]

News | South African Reserve Bank cancels major tax relief for cryptocurrency development companies: According to Cryptocoinspy, the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) is excluding cryptocurrency developers from tax incentives for technological innovation, and SARB has canceled major tax deductions for cryptocurrency development companies This move may set back the development of the domestic blockchain. [2019/1/25]

Voice | South African actress Sophie: has nothing to do with Bitcoin investment: According to Timeslive, South African actress Sophie Ndaba recently said that some people on the Internet claimed that the businesswoman and producer had dabbled in cryptocurrency and anti-aging skin cream news is fake. Sophie stated that she has nothing to do with bitcoin investment. [2018/11/19]

Bitfinex users can use financial data and content-ethexc platform Santiment for free

According to the official announcement.

Block Chain:8/3/2022 2:55:18 AM
Wu Hequan: At present, the Metaverse can only start from VR/AR

Jinse Finance reported that Wu Hequan.

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Circle CEO: We need mass-market stablecoin wallets and crypto forex markets.

Jinse Finance reported that Circle CEO Jeremy Alla.

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AmazingTeam completed a large-scale destruction

According to official news, the ADOGE governance token AmazingTeam.

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UnionPay Shenzhen issued digital collections

Jinse Finance reported that according to the UnionPay Shenzhen public account, China UnionPay Co.

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Opyn: Automatic treasury strategy Crab v2 is online

On July 31.

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dYdX will migrate servers on August 3rd, and the downtime will be about two hours

According to news on July 31st.

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Report: Retailers remain optimistic about the future of payments in cryptocurrencies

Jinse Finance reported that according to a survey.

Block Chain:7/30/2022 2:47:14 AM
Blockworks: Bank of Japan abandons CBDC plans

On August 1st, according to Blockworks.

Block Chain:8/2/2022 2:51:58 AM